1999 Chrysler Cirrus LXi 6 cylinder from North America


Junk defined!


Front brakes and rotors needed replaced at 2001 inspection.

One wheel needed replaced due to defect-new one doesn't match.

A/C compressor blew a seal-replaced under warranty.

EGR plugged up around 15K Needed new sensor.

Strut fell out going through intersection-found to be defective.

Trans-axle jumps when coasting to a stop sign or stop light then makes grinding noise.

Grinding noise when engaging reverse or drive.

General Comments:

I will NEVER buy another Chrysler product. This car is junk and is almost the color of a lemon(imagine that!). I paid 20K for it put only 23K miles on it and when I went to trade it in they only offered me $4395! That's almost losing six thousand a year! The dealerships haven't been any help and have been quite rude with the repairs-fortunately every one of them has been under warranty. The incident with the strut falling out going through the intersection has made me weary about driving this car at all. I'm stuck with a piece of junk and when the extended warranty expires (soon) I'm going to give it away, but not to anyone I know!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

20th Oct 2003, 08:31

I own a '95 LXI. The CE light has been on for several months and my mechanic cannot tell me if it is the EGR sensor or the Oxygen Sensor. This occurred somewhere around 78k miles. Any suggestions on how to diagnose the problem?

3rd Sep 2004, 15:28

Does it come on as soon as you start the car, or after the car has been driven for a while?

If it is the second one, it will be the O2 sensor.

If it is the first, it could also be the O2 sensor, but the only way to check this is with a scanner and tester.

If it is a 95-97, you can pull the codes from the car by turning the key 3 times off and on, then the third time leave the key on and the check engine light will flash, then pause, then flash again. It will flash in numbers; flash, flash, flash means (3) pause, flash, flash, flash, flash means (4). It depends on the number of flashes for each number, then a pause, then it will flash again. It will flash these codes 3 times, then shut off.

If it flashes a code 55, then there are no codes in your computer, and it would then seem to be in the electrical system; check the distributor, the coil is in it, and it controls everything about the way the car should fire and run.

Good luck.

29th Jan 2005, 20:30

I own a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus LXI and I have not had 1 problem with mine. Mine is fully loaded. You just got a lemon. It does not matter what kind of car it is there are going to be some lemons. If you don't want a car to lose so much value buy a Jeep. They do not lose their value much at all.

6th Aug 2009, 08:46

1999 Cirrus: Car has 84,000 miles and the timing belt and distributor have to be replaced at a cost of 1100, and the car is only worth 2000. Wanted to give this to my son as a 'starter' car, but am afraid it will give out on the road. The car handles well when it runs, but will NEVER buy American again.

17th Aug 2013, 23:41

Your Oxygen sensor could be one of the FEW that can be cleaned by letting it sit in carburetor cleaner for a few hours, and then simply blowing it off with some compressed air.

The EGR sensor on the other hand might just be easier to replace, but then again for $50, why not just replace them both, because if it is just those two items causing the fault, it will clear it from the computer.

Also, have you tried just clearing the computer and seeing how long it takes to come back?

1999 Chrysler Cirrus LXI 2.5 from North America


This is a great car which can look outrageously good with a little work


I bought this car heavily used. Both front wheel bearings have been replaced. A new set of tires, new rear suspension link, and new tie rod were all needed. These repairs were much induced by neglect, damage, and extensive use; not flaws in the car.

General Comments:

This is a nice car. It has a luxurious feel. It takes off quickly and smoothly, and corners well to. It really looks nice; of course my dark tint, additional chrome, and 17" Mondera Gullwings help. I really like the color that I was fortunate enough to get mine in (dark slate). It looks OK without any modifications. However I have seen a few clouds with work, and none that I didn't like.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2002