25th May 2008, 09:17

I just purchased a 1995 Cirrus with 80500 miles on it. I would put the transmission into neutral and it would not release into neutral like it should until you were going about 4 MPH (I would be coming to a stop). Disconnect the battery and let it sit for a few minutes then reconnect the battery (do it from the top at the NEG terminal not at the battery). The stupid computer needs to forget how to shift and relearn the pattern. Reprogram your radio and install an extra transmission cooler and use synthetic oil in the engine. The cab forward design of the car does not allow enough airflow over the engine, trans, and other crap so everything gets too hot. I should get money for this but I probably will not.

2nd Jun 2008, 10:37

I have 1995 Cirrus LXi, and I'm having problems when my car comes to a complete stop; when I go to take off it shakes until I hit 20 or 30 mph. Other than that it drives fine.

I am also having problems with my electrics; the beeping noise that it makes when I open the doors won't go off unless I take out the fuse. It doesn't do it when I turn the ignition.

If anyone has any idea of what this could be, I would appreciate it if you share what you know. Thank you.


24th Jun 2008, 05:26

I've had my 95 Cirrus over here in Taiwan since 1996. 6 years ago I had the transmission computer changed, followed by a new complete trans-axle change a couple of months later.

40,000 kms later; January 2008; I developed the limping problem. Had the transmission filter and fluid changed, and the problem disappeared. After two weeks I get the car painted (labor here is cheap); two weeks after that, it starts limping again. Will try the tranny fluid additive fix.

The hot, humid weather now is causing it to go into limp mode at any time... no common pattern. One way to handle it is; put into neutral, turn the key off, and while coasting, start up again. Throw it back into drive. This has worked even at 60 MPH.

13th Jul 2008, 17:09

I have a 95 Cirrus. The tranny problem is not temperature, vibration, fluid, or even electrical. Ours started doing this wonderful limp whenever it felt like it 3 years ago, after many trips to the dealer who could not fix it, we parked it and took the battery out. It sat for 2 years being punished, then last August a new battery was installed and for three months and about 10000 miles one day it started all over again, Again the dealer can't help. The green machine as the kids call it is now banished to the back driveway to sit again. Not to fear though it going to go to the farm at some time and be used as a slow moving truck for the rest of it's miserable life. Good luck to the rest of ya'll.

8th Aug 2008, 07:23

My 1995 Cirrus 2.5 V6 was dropping into limp mode. I swapped the TCM relay with another (make sure you swap relays of the same number), unplugged and replugged 2 oblong shaped electrical plugs along side the fuse box, near drivers side headlight, tightened a hold down bolt for one of the electrical boxes in the area of the fuse box.

She now drives like a new one, $0 cost.

Note: This car had been severely wrecked 2 times by a previous owner, second time it was totaled.

11th Aug 2008, 20:26

An addition to the previous post, I had a recurrence of Limp mode after swapping a relay and then installed a NEW NA-PA T-C-M relay and it has been good for 2 days, knock on wood quick.

17th Feb 2009, 22:06

My '95 Cirrus has been having a lot of problems since I bought it for 1000. The car sometimes doesn't go into gear after I start it or reverse either... I have to rev to like 2500 rpms, then it will catch.

2nd problem is when I am driving fine on the highway, it goes into a neutral and I have to slow down to exactly 37 mph and then it goes into I believe 2nd or 3rd gear at 4000 rpms, and that's how I get home... or I stick it in neutral or bring it to a complete stop, put it in park, restart it and "sometimes" it gets going again. Needless to say it usually does it again 2 minutes later...

I am about to sell the damn thing for like 600. I don't want anymore headaches. I'll never buy another Chrysler again.. If you can help please let me know @ night_fighter16@yahoo.com

6th Oct 2009, 03:44

I currently own a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus 2.4L 16 valve 4 cylinder.

I love this car. I too on occasion will have my car shift into limp mode (this is actually a good thing, Chrysler incorporated this into the car so the engine doesn't shut off or seize up on you).

My car just hit 99000 miles and everything runs great. I added a new exhaust system, a cold air intake and I am about to get new headers so I can add a turbo. This car is great for modifying if you have the $$.

Going back on topic, if I drive for an extended amount of time, my tranny will go into limp mode. At that point I'll shut off the car and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that the car runs fine.

My advice to all Cirrus owners is not to take it to the dealers, there's nothing that they can do.

I love this car, it has great performance, great acceleration, amazing handling, and good stock top speed. Stock top speed for this car is about 105-110, with the new parts I got it up to 120!! That's amazing for a 4 cylinder..

Sorry I keep going off track. All I can suggest is getting the tranny fluid and filter changed. Once they add new fluid, add some Lucas auto tranny non slip into it. It helped me out.. hope this helps.

6th Oct 2009, 20:04

So here is the tranny issue, and the fix for the cars down shifting on its own and going into neutral while going down the freeway. It is the TCM (transmission control module). Open the hood, look to the right and voila, there is a box standing on its side. 1 plug (screwed on) and 6 screws holding the part to the mount. It is a 5 minute part exchange.

I bought a 95 Chrysler mistake like the rest of you, and right off the bat I had this issue. THE SAME DAY and the lot told me " too bad - no guarantee!!!)

I have replaced this thing twice now for 50 - 75 bucks. Every time I replace it, it does fix it. 400 new at the dealer. You do the math.

30th Nov 2009, 18:58

OK, I've got a new one for you. I just bought a 95 Cirrus LXi. It has been running like a champ. Now mind you I've only had her for about three weeks now. Knock on wood, no tranny problems.

But the problem I have had is I had to replace the battery twice now. She will start just fine when it's not too cold out, but the problem I seem to be having is could this be the alternator. She is not catching a charge, it makes a whining sound, and there is a metallic/sulphury smell coming from the alternator area. HELP!! I need my car back.