2000 Chrysler Concorde LX from North America


Piece of crap Chrysler; it dies randomly, it overheats, and it was making like 15 mpg. I would definitely wouldn't buy another Chrysler ever (maybe a Jeep).

General Comments:

Piece of crap!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2011

18th Aug 2021, 00:16

166,000 on my Chrysler Concorde Lxi 3.2 and I had to replace the radiator, but this was due to the tow truck breaking the old one. It overheated and I of course assumed it was the thermostat so replaced it, but turned out it was the radiator cap "overflow tank". Also had to replace the fuel pump because the fuel filter was dirty and it's of course in the tank with the pump.

The rear door weather stripping is cracking all over. If anyone knows if anything fits as a replacement let me know.

The car still looks great and drives great. On my second pair of brake pads. Transmission is still strong. Not the greatest in gas mileage. 19 - 22 MPG city.

I recently has to replace the cam sensor, and while I was at it I just went thru and changed up all the sensors. Lots of them to be changed. But they are cheap and better to replace them than wait for one to fail.

All in all, this is a great car that always runs great.

2000 Chrysler Concorde LXI 3.2 from North America


Good looking, comfortable and incredibly reliable


A radiator at 275,000 miles.

A transmission component ($350) at 225,000 miles.

Door gaskets are not great.

Headlight gaskets work loose.

General Comments:

It's not a typo... the car has 343,000 miles and is still running and surviving my 18 year old daughter to whom I passed the car to (nice safe vehicle for your child).

Two repairs of less than $500 over its life-time(aside from consumables). Incredible.

No better large car for its price.

Cavernous trunk.

Large back seat for three car seats abreast of three tall kids.

Can be thrown around exit ramps.

22 mpg overall.

It still looks good both in design and wear and tear.

Everything works.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2008

10th Jun 2008, 22:24

I do not doubt you at all. The 3.2 engine is amazing. The body of these cars also hold up good. I own a 2001 Intrepid with the same motor and the car has been near flawless. Other than the normal wear and tear/oil/tires etc. I have never put any other work into this car. However, now approaching 200,000 miles, I've noticed the A/C is not blowing as cold as it normally should. It also seems that my brakes are wearing a little fast. I'm not going to complain though, It seems minor. I will definitely buy another Dodge after this one. I have noticed that many people have had issues with the 2.7 engine. I do feel for those people, but it just goes to show that doing research is crucial before purchasing a vehicle. I do however, Love My Intrepid and will run it until it won't run anymore:-) Thanks for the review!

2000 Chrysler Concorde 2.7 from North America


Oh yeah, I am putting on a new engine. Will cost = $2500. Too legit to quit


1. The car stopped on the highway. Diagnostic = The internal computer failed. I replaced it for $300. After that the car was running like new.

2. The car just stopped on my way home, found water and milky stuff on oil stick (Blown head gasket without any sign). Too late to fix, needs new engine.

General Comments:

The car is just beautiful, roomy interior, the body is shaped so well like some 2007 or 2008 cars, many people think the car is a 2007 or something. I towed a Uhaul trailer from Michigan to Delaware with this car. it is also easy to upgrade things like stereo e.t.c, I have good stereo on this car. It has a remote starter. Power heated leather seats. It can take up to 20' rims on it. Mine are only 19' chromes but they look stunning.


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Review Date: 24th April, 2008