22nd Nov 2003, 08:05

I agree with the other comments. Chrysler cars are one of the best USA made vehicles made. I have had great luck (I guess?) and very low maintenance on all Chrysler vehicles I have owned (and I throw in a Eagle Vision and a Dodge truck to boot). You have a lemon my friend, but that happens from time to time in all American made and foreign made vehicles.

But so far so good with Chrysler. By the way on the engine fire - did you answer the recall on the fuel rail problem (leaking)? Chrysler had that famous recall years back on this car. You have to respond to recalls-plus they are free!

2nd Jan 2004, 13:55

I have a 97 Concorde and I am very pleased with the car we are currently at 115,000 miles and the only repairs I've needed to do are minor ones. I've owned several cars and I am very proud to be a Chrysler owner. We are currently looking into trading in our Jeep with over 200,000 miles for another Chrysler product.

25th Jan 2004, 04:14

I was considering a Concorde, but not sure now because of a 1992 Chrysler New Yorker that had similar problems. It had constant trans-axle and electrical problems. I thought it was just me having bad luck with Chrysler's.

19th Aug 2006, 21:34

I'm a bit late to comment re my 1997 Concorde, but I want all to know that the car is simply the best I've ever owned. I must have owned over a 100 vehicles in my lifetime! It only has 70m on the odometer and remains tight as a pin.

With every option available on the LXi it is as luxurious as any Cadillac or Lincoln I have had. This Concorde will be a keeper as long as it continues it's excellent performance.

7th Oct 2006, 17:44

I have had my 95 Chrysler Concorde for three years after my parents had it for several years it was a great car ran great, but it had some problems. We had to replace several sensors. But the biggest problem of all was the transmission we replaced the shift solenoid pack. The transmission would get hot and not want to go into reverse or would not shift properly. Then about a week ago the transmission locked up. The transmission was fixed twice before for the shifting problem. But then it happened again. There was also the rack and pinion leak, and the power steering pump had a leak along with the hoses and it caught on fire once. We maintained it regularly. But in all it got us from point A to point B. It had great gas mileage considering the problems. Finally we got feed up with replacing all the sensors and did not want to buy a new transmission. To much money was put into it already.