6th Jun 2009, 14:34

I'm sorry, but I don't feel bad for the people that are complaining about their cars that have 200k+ miles on them and are having issues. I hate to break this to you, but NOTHING lasts forever. And don't give me this "My Toyota lasted 300K miles with no problems" because I don't believe it.

6th Jun 2009, 23:42

I enjoyed reading the above comment... up until the CTS motor install.

1st Sep 2009, 15:19

1999 Concorde Bucket seats, 2.7 liter engine, 130k miles. Bought used about 8 years ago with 36k on it. I have had some work done, transmission sensor replacement, etc. All in all its been a great car. My daughter is driving it now. I just wanted to add that the car was starting to ride a little rough, so I decided to replace the struts. Dealer wanted $2.4k for front and rear, best price I received was $500.00 from a private repair shop. I found out you can buy the whole strut assembly for about $175.00 ea. which includes new spring, bellows, foam inserts all ready put together and ready to install. So I did the fronts myself. Took about 2 hours, 4 bolts on each side, very simple. Only special tool was a wheel puller. Love this car. Need to do brakes now, and find a small oil leak.

27th Sep 2010, 21:09

We just bought a 99 Concorde with 160k miles. Having no problems yet. The only thing we had to change was the 6 year old battery, but that didn't cost too much, seeing as I'm a mechanic, and I work at an auto parts store.

However, I will say this; if you want a car that will last a long time, get a Jeep with a 4.0 liter engine. I have one as my daily driver; 455,000 miles, original everything, three owners plus me.

19th Feb 2011, 09:10

In 2002 I bought a 99 2.7 V6 Concorde.. big big mistake.

In 2004 with under 65K, the engine went out, luckily the extended warranty covered it.

Shortly there after the AC stopped holding a charge (shop said $750 to repair), next was the blower motor, even replaced fuse, went out again... another shop said wires fried bad, replaced those, fuse and switch... $380).. again, seems fuse went out and works only on high (shop warranty expired).

Cowling fell off ($125), rear windows no longer roll down/up, right front window stopped working, but accident of 90 y/o lady hit car and door replaced.. right window works now. The auto lock unlock motor screeches now also. Rocker arms are the latest casualty.

I heard Chrysler had a year recall on 1999 AC, but did not tell dealerships.. not sure if true.

I'd be an idiot to buy another Chrysler product.

16th Jul 2012, 20:50

I had the same problem. What was the resolution?