24th May 2004, 21:00

Gotta agree with you man, this car is so much fun to go out and play with. I could not imagine not playing with the power. I just got an 87 conquest and it is great for a first car. Although I love my car my friend owns one that has put everything it has gone up against to shame including a tweaked beyond belief camaro.

29th Mar 2005, 03:37

I have an automatic Conquest, and I converted it to stick. It's not too easy. I suggest the site www.racetep.com; they specialize in Starion/'quest parts.

As for your oil pressure check; under the car, where your oil filter is, there should be a tee connector or something close to that. Check to see if it's leaking and or clogged.

28th Aug 2005, 14:24

I have a 1987 Conquest. I completly redid the engine, bored it over and now am trying to get more boost, I'm only geeting about 9. This is my second Conquest, I had one when I was 18 and 12 years later I found another one. This Conquest will never see a winter or another owner ever again.

22nd Nov 2005, 10:24

Hi I have a 87 Conquest, It's an automatic and I was thinking of swapping it out for a manual. This car is really fast, I have never lost a race yet. I raced a 04 WRX and beat it I was really hard on the transmission and it over heated and blew out the front seal. That is why I am switching over to a manual. This is a great car to drive, I have people asking all the time who makes the car. It's a real head turner.

28th Nov 2006, 14:03

I just bought an 87 Conquest, and thought that it was a 6 cylinder for the speed and torque that it has... I cannot believe the power that the car puts out for a 4 banger. The best part about it is that I got the vehicle for 700 dollars, and there is only 57000 original miles. I raced a S10 with a 350 in it, and left him in the dust, plus a raked out chopper, and also left him in the dust. If somehow I destroy this car, I'm definitely gonna own another. They are unbelievable.

9th Oct 2010, 18:19

I just got my first car. It is a 1987 Conquest TSI. I am 15 me and Grampa going to fix it up. Bought it for 990. Runs good, needs paint and brakes, and a tune up.

19th Oct 2010, 19:10

I have a 1988 Starion in storage for 7 years. It has a bad motor, the mechanic that rebuilt it didn't know what he was doing.

I will never sell this car. I love to drive it on winding roads, gravel roads, wet roads, soooo much fun.

I have raced it in club racing, and it outruns very expensive cars. It will be an expensive collector car soon as they are getting very rare. I'm 56 years old, but it always brings out the 15 year old in me. It's great for my cardiovascular system.

At nights, I pray to Jesus to help me to grow up, and stop racing the stupid front wheel drive cars from the stop lights and on the freeway, and causing depression to their owners.

11th Dec 2012, 16:42

I am looking for a manual for a 1987 Conquest TSi. My brother is trying to put one back together!

Thank you, his sister. phyllisbarone@roadrunner.com