1987 Chrysler Conquest TSi 2.6 turbo from North America


Is it illegal to love this car?


Many many things have gone wrong on this car.

The motor went at 130,500.

The rear calipers were froze up. Needed new breaks after a week of driving it, not sure if it had anything to do with trying to stop at 130 mph...

The muffler rusted off.

It popped out of 3rd gear.

Motor blew again at 157,090, probably from altering the waste gate for more boost - 13 lbs boost I think I was getting.

General Comments:

I loved the car to death, was very disapointed when my parents made me sell it due to the high cost of repairs and many speeding tickets.

It would eat a stock Mustang 5.0 up, beat a Camaro with a 350 hands down in a quarter mile.

Thought it was funny when people with V-6's thought they could beat me, just because it had a 4 banger...

I loved the handling, took curves at high speeds without having to worry about ending up in someones yard.

Could do cheerios till you got sick or ran out of gas, nice option.

The cost and availability of parts is a bummer though. I would buy everyone I could find just to have parts.

My friend also still owns his, but it is the actual Mitsubishi Starion. He also has 3 other Conquests for parts.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2004

18th Apr 2004, 22:20

You fail to appreciate the finer points of mechanical engineering. This car was well ahead of it's time when it was produced as a joint effort between the US and Japan. I own a pristine version of the Conquest TSi with only 50,000 miles on it and I would never consider driving it in the manner you describe!!

1987 Chrysler Conquest TSI-R 2.6L 4 MCA-JET Valve from North America


An must own for true car fanatics


Purchased with a bad transmission & head.

Motor and turbo rebuilt.

Transmission rebuilt and breaking in.

General Comments:

The motor is out of a 87 Conquest Police car that they used as a State Patrol car.

The body is a race modified StarQuest body purchased from the son of one of the racers who used to race it.

Together they are a force to be reckoned with. Hail the mighty Conquest TSI-R.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2003

1989 Chrysler Conquest TSi 2.6 turbo from North America


The love of my life


When I bought the car, the bolt needed to be replaced in the manifold.

The car also didn't pass emissions.

The clutch went at about 90,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is extremely fast now, and I can only imagine what it was like 90,000 miles ago.

However this car is extremely hard to get parts for, and it takes a mechanical wizard to work on this car.

The car out performs many cars on the road. Camaro, Mustang, Porsche 924, just to name a few.

However in the winter it has trouble beating a Neon off the line.

Great car, but this ain't one you learn on.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003

19th Feb 2004, 18:36

Almost any car on the road can kill a Porsche 924. I have a '74 Porsche 914 and I can kill a 924.

22nd Mar 2004, 19:26

Neons are pretty quick too. Why the winter? Are there any problems that all of the conquests have seen? Like a bad tranny or something?

22nd Apr 2004, 08:31

I also have a 1989 Chrysler Conquest. I agree it is hard to find parts for them, they are really fast, and it does take a great mechanic to work on it. I had to redo my whole engine from block to head. You have to be careful in the summer with the cooling system sometimes so you don't crack the head or throw the bearings in the counterweights.