8th May 2005, 01:04

Hey, speaking of 1988 Conquests, I will be trying to buy one myself very soon, wish me luck on it, please, the guy only wants $1,800.00 for it. I am really hoping to get this car, it is turbo (of course) with a 5 speed, and the only things wrong with it, the paint is rough and it needs a few suspension bushings replaced. The body is straight, the stock wheels are still good, and the interior is worn, but comfy. The best part, at that price, it only has 78,000 original miles, it had only one owner since 1988, and the guy just now wants to sale it, nice huh? Again, wish me luck, Please, I really need the luck.

26th Oct 2005, 07:12

I'm getting a 88' conquest today.. Manual of course. What do these things top out at stock speed wise... What about the quarter mile? I can't wait to mod it. going to be awesome.. I'm only 16 and this car seems to be a very popluar car with older people and younger people alike..Nice.

15th Aug 2006, 20:28

I got my first Conquest TSI (87 model) in 1997 from the original owner with 81k miles with all service records. 5 speed cloth interior. I rebuilt the turbo at 115k miles and with the few mods I did put on it I enjoyed smoking 5.0 Mustangs and Z28's on a daily basis! I gifted it to my nephew for his graduation.

This weekend a 88 Blue with black leather interior is going up for auction. It has 90 k miles and is immaculate. All service records are in the glove box and it is immaculate. I look forward to paying what ever the top bid is for this car. I love them that much.

3rd Aug 2007, 23:37

I have been wanting to own a conquest tsi for a very long time. my friend owned one when I was 16 and I have yet to be able to find one for sale at a time when I can buy it. to those who have one, I envy you. I cannot wait till the day I own one. I see one on ebay that is just plain beautiful, I look at it everyday wishing it was mine. man you all are lucky.

18th Oct 2007, 09:39

I have an extra knock sensor as I have one conquest tsi that I'm fixing up and one that is my parts car. Let me know if you're still interested. It's obviously used, but it's on the car that I took a good motor out of, and I drove the car to my house from the seller, so I know it's good. Let me know if interested.

27th Mar 2008, 18:08

I'm 17 and I might be buying a 1988 conquest tsi, and I was wondering if 150,000 miles was too much for that car and also what I need to look for when I go see the car?


10th Jul 2008, 22:00

To the guy who had the spare knock sensor for an '88 through '89 Conquest, would you still have it , and if so, how much might you want for it? Mine has the two wire setup with the round plug terminal. If not, does anyone know where I could find one? How may I contact you?

4th Jan 2010, 13:53

Hi - to the last poster... I recently sold my '88 Conquest with 12k miles on it a while ago and am looking to get back into another low-mileage, unmolested Conquest in the near future. Do you have any plans to sell yours? If so, where are you located? Thanks - and to all those who have one of these cars... keep 'em up!

15th Sep 2010, 03:08

Hello Conquest world!

I purchased mine new in 89 for 17k. It is black and beautiful! I have gone through somewhat of a evolution with this car.

In the 90s I would drag race it at 25 lbs of boost on 108 race gas. I had a 14g upgrade turbo at the time and the car would fly through the quarter.

Of course it later blew up and this was my journey into mechanicsville.

Well several motors and adventures later I have changed to the Magna MPI intake and now run a the Holley standalone to control the mix and timing!

With this car you learn or you pay. There was much pain along the way but well worth it.