13th Aug 2002, 17:13

I have only recently been converted to the Chrysler brand thanks to a great deal on a '97 Grand Voyager 3.3 LE, and I am deliriously happy with it.

Good power, good comfort, good everything at a great price.

The writer of the original review has obviously been extremely unfortunate in buying a 'lemon', but to criticize the manufacturer of the vehicle for lousy service from a dealer isn't really fair.

20th Sep 2002, 15:38

I bought a used 1998 Grand from the dealer. It had 24,000 miles on it. I now have 62,000 miles on it, 85% of which are highway miles.

I have owned four other vehicles in my life. I have spent more on unscheduled repairs to the Grand in the last two years than I have on all four of my other vehicles combined. There were also several warranty covered repairs completed before the warranty ran out.

From a comfort and drive-ability standpoint, this is a good vehicle, but the mechanical engineering is absolutely terrible. I'll trade it in as soon as I can afford to. It will be last time I buy an American made minivan.

19th Jan 2004, 11:37

I am sorry, but I totally disagree... I have lived in Canada for 5 years, I owned 2 Chryslers and a Dodge; NO PROBLEMS over there.

I am now here in the UK.. I have a CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER 3.3 LE. It's a 1998 model with full electrics, leather, the works. It has 125,142 on the clock, I drive it daily, and it always starts first time.

I only bought it last August. The clock had 118,000 when I got it. It has never let me down ONCE. I take my 4 kids everywhere in it. Load up the trunk (boot) with everything... I even take it to IKEA and buy half the darn shop (remembering to remove all the seats, bar the front two first).

It just passed its MOT, and guess what, it only needed a set of brakes for the back, plus a new seat belt... no other problems were found.

When you buy a luxury car, you have to make sure they have a full service history. They are luxury cars that cost a lot new... if they are kept well, they will serve you well.

The person who wrote the review must have a bad one. They are not all like this.

I would much rather be seen driving a Voyager than any other MPV. I picked my Voyager up for £6100; where do you find an MPV fully loaded for the same price?? Much better value for money.

We are so proud of our Voyager that we are importing a 2003 DODGE DURANGO SLT from the States soon. It's a cross between a Voyager and a Grand Cherokee... with 7 seats.

To say that the Chryslers are bad in the U.S. etc is CRAP. If you actually spent some time in North America, you would see that a LOT of families actually swear by CHRYSLERS/DODGES. They are everywhere. Go over and see for yourself; you might be surprised. Remember that in Canada and the U.S., they don't even have an M.O.T; they only need an emissions test. So imagine what a state some of them must be in... compared to the UK.