1997 Chrysler Intrepid Base 3.5L from North America


Good value and reliable vehicle


Daytime running lamps failed at 72000 due to broken wire.

Air intake plenum gasket replaced at 85000 km.

A/C evaporator replaced at 117,000 km on secret warranty.

Driver door switch that controls interior lights replaced at 140,000km.

Emission system repair at 152,000km. $150 sensor.

Preventive Maintenance-Timing belt and water pump changed at 160,000km, Transmission fluid flushed and replaced completely.

Plastic tabs holding sun visors replaced at 180,000km.

Front suspension link arms replaced at 218,000km.

Passenger side front and back door rubbers seem to be shrinking and pulling away from body at 225,000km.

MIL on at 240,500 indicating a lean fuel situation in both banks. Mechanic advising the Air Intake plenum gasket needs replacing again.

General Comments:

Very fast acceleration.

Reasonable fuel economy 8-9 L/100km highway and 10.5-12.5 L/100 km in the city - slightly poorer in very cold temperatures like -15 to 25 Celsius.

Roomy and comfortable.

Good air circulation inside cabin.

Handles well.

Probably a good idea to be easy on the front suspension to avoid excessive replacement of link arms... avoid those potholes and curbs if you can. Seems to be less of an issue with 225/60 R16 tires than in previous years with smaller tires.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2008

1997 Chrysler Intrepid Base 3.3L from North America


I miss you my old friend!!! Treppy


Well when I first got the car I had to get a new water pump, drive belts, spark plugs and wires (new ones I put in were bosh)

Had to get front cradle mounts put in, but that was due to wear and tear.

Ball joints shot at 180,000 km (wear and tear)

She did eat brake pads, but she had amazing breaks for not having ABS, still stopped on a dime.

General Comments:

Quick acceleration for the size of the car and engine.

One of the nicest North Americans designs for a 1993 Model line up. Sorry Ford, but the Taurus wasn’t even worth mentioning in comparing models.

Sleek, smooth, clean lines and a rock solid car all around. Sold it at 220,000 km to my good friend and he loves it.

As of right now I’m looking to get myself a second Intrepid, still a 1997 with a 3.3 but you know what, no matter what I drove through, any kind of weather that was pushed onto that car, she started every morning and never broke down, she was maintained with her oil changes every 3000 km tranny was serviced every 40,000 km

I paid 3500 for her when I got at 170,000 km it put 600 in repairs, sold it at 220,000 km for 2800. She served me well and I loved driving it.

Chrysler have had a bad rap for bad transmissions and poor steering systems, but I never had a problem with my car.

The 2001 Malibu I had had the engine replaced 2 times, the airbags failed to deploy in an accident, needless to say that was my last Chevy.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2007

8th Oct 2007, 21:04

Hah I have a friend with a malibu, they are THE worst cars ever!!! The engines suck and the bodies rust out instantly! Go intrepids, I have had one since 1993 and I have 271000 kilometers on her now, quite the beauty!