2001 Chrysler Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Don't buy a Chrysler


We've put on brakes every year for 6 years from the dealer. Every time we turned around, it was something with the motor (2.7), water pump, head gaskets. Now the motor (2.7) has gone out again, and to replace it costs more than the car is worth.

I will never buy another Chrysler; the same thing happened to our LHS; the motor. These motors are made out of aluminum. Over the last month, we've spent over $1,500. My sister got the 300, and she has to take it back to the dealer three months after she got it; the engine light keeps coming on.

General Comments:

It sits low to the ground, gets no more than 40mph in the snow on the highway. It's just a bad car, and I don't mean that in a good way.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2010

1st Oct 2010, 18:13

1) ALL motors are now made of aluminum.

2) The dealer would replace your brakes every WEEK if you let him. You probably didn't need them ANY of those times. I replaced the brake pads on my Dodge twice in 240,000 miles.

3) If the engine was run too hot, of course the gaskets will fail. That will happen on ANY car.

5th Oct 2010, 23:05

Actually the 4.6 heads are made out of aluminum. On the Maurauder, the 4.6 is all aluminum as far as I know.

2001 Chrysler Intrepid SE 3.2 from North America


3.2 SE has proven reliable


Brake pads, rotors (twice).

Oil pan.

Water pump.

General Comments:

I purchased the 3.2 litre 6 cylinder with the sport suspension SE in 2001.

Lots of power, auto stick is helpful in highway conditions (merging, passing), nice ride, handles very well. Roomy. Decent gas mileage. Comfortable.

Generally reliable.

Power seats, windows, locks, etc.

Dealer servicing was good, but once you are past the warranty it is not inexpensive.

Some work was repaired while under warranty, other work was partially covered by warranty.

Extended warranty which I purchased from the dealer (extending three years to five for the powertrain and some other components) proved unnecessary as I never needed to make use of it.

It is important to change the timing belt at the recommended time to avoid potential engine damage.

If you can find a used one with the 3.2 or 3.5 litre six, I would recommend based on my own experience (eight years of generally trouble free driving).

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Review Date: 14th June, 2009

2001 Chrysler Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Because of engine problems will not buy another Chrysler product


Burning oil constantly.

Have to add oil with each gas fill-up.

Four (two of whom work at a Chrysler dealership) out of five mechanics have advised me to either replace the engine or get rid of the car; the only mechanic who has found no problem with the engine is that at the Chrysler dealership where I purchased the car.

General Comments:

Handles great on highway and in city.

Great on gas.

Many, many blind spots and very difficult when passing or backing up.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2008

2001 Chrysler Intrepid SE/4 Door Sedan 2.7 Inj 6 cylinder A0 FWD from North America




I was travelling out to Abbotsford B.C. from Hamilton Ontario by way of the U.S.A. On November 7th while on the interstate I 39/90/94 travelling through Madison WI, my engine threw a rod. It was towed to Chrysler dealer. I was advised that they don't rebuild these engine and that it was suggested either I buy a new Chrysler engine or a rebuilt engine; the new one was $7800.00 + taxes US and the rebuilt was $5600.00 + taxes.

I mentioned to the service rep that I knew I had an extended warranty which I purchased when I bought the car in Mar. 2003 a used car dealer. He said they only warranty they had on file was the manufacturer's warranty that expired in March 2006. As I was moving from Hamilton Ont to Abbotsford B.C. I had no way of confirming when my "Drive Assured Extended Warranty" expired as all my auto records were on the moving van that was travelling by a different route. They never bothered to call the dealer who sold it to me, to confirm the fact that I had an extended warranty. (Also as a note in mentioning, why wasn't that Extended Warranty on file with Chrysler's database. If they knew the Mfg. warranty, why wouldn't they know of the extended warranty??) Did the dealer who sold it to me forget to enter the information???

I spent $982.00 in Sept 07 at the dealer who sold it to me, and one of the service jobs performed was the induction service. Which is a complete fuel induction service. Removing harmful carbon build up from air intake, throttle body, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. I also changed the oil and serviced the car on a regular basis. At no time did any service rep at the selling dealer advise me that my engine was having problems.

Suffice it to say I neither wanted to put a new engine or a rebuilt engine in a car that's resale value was less than the price of the engine. So I wholesaled it for $500.00.

When our moving van arrived in Abbotsford, I checked my file cabinet and discovered that the extended warranty I purchased April l5th 2003 Agreement number 00116377 was due to expire April l4th, 2008 112751 kms.

I immediately called the selling dealership to speak to the Assistant Business Manager. I didn't actually speak with him, but left him a message, but to date he has never returned my call.

I also called the same day and spoke with the service representative that was dealing with me, and told him of the extended warranty.

He was to return my call to find out where the 2001 Chrysler Intrepid was, and if the wholesaler still had the vehicle. To date I have not received a call.

I called "Drive Assured" and was advised that unless I still owned the car there was nothing that they could do.

General Comments:

I only bought this car as the Dodge Cirrus I owned previously was in a major accident and it was a leased vehicle. I had to deal it back as it was damaged pretty bad. It was the used car dealer that put me in the Chrysler Intrepid.

I really enjoyed driving this car and I didn't encounter any major problems.

I maintained it to the best of my ability and felt it to be a reliable vehicle.

It handled well on the highway and had excellent acceleration. My wife and her girlfriend enjoyed driving it.

It was a good car, sleek looking with sporty lines for a 4 door sedan. Good looking car.

I never thought that this could happen to a V6 engine.

I knew there were problems with the transmissions for the Intrepid, but never anything as catastrophic as complete engine failure.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2007