1986 Chrysler Laser XT 2.2L SOHC turbocharged/intercooled from North America


Reliable, fast, and good looking too


This was a family owned car before I got it, and that is when I am basing this on.

I got the car because one of the piston rings broke and scored the inside of the cylinder wall in several places, rendering the engine nearly inoperable.

The car sat for eight months, and in that time, everything went to heck;

The tachometer is permanently stuck at 3,000 due to rust.

The drivers side window motor is very weak, possibly rusted.

The travel computer does not respond at all.

It also had a few problems before it died;

The c/v joints and the u-joint were failing.

The weather stripping in the sunroof was leaking.

The cables that manipulate the door latches, gas door, and back hatch are all overstretched.

Various problems with the interior had occurred as well.

General Comments:

This is the '86 1/2 model, wich was the only time in wich the inter-cooler was offered... a rare car.

When I rode in the car, it seemed very smooth and soft, but also handled well and would push you back into your seat when the turbo was in use.

The seats are very comfortable, especially the 5-way electronic driver's seat... the back seats are rather cramped though.

The engine ran well for 17 years, with grandpa putting in the cheapest oil and gas he could find; there aren't many cars that can do that.

The engine has amazing response to turbocharging; 7 pounds of boost and an inter-cooler takes it from 93hp to 173, and I plan on getting a dohc 16-valve head so that I can put even more boost into it.

Parts are readily available as the daytona (its twin), lebaron, most k-cars, and several others all have parts usable in the laser, and as a bonus, the 2.5, 2.0, and 2.4 engines all use relatively the same block and thus will work as replacement engines.

Once I get everything fixed, this will blow all of my friend's cars away.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

9th Jan 2006, 16:34

I just bought a 1986 Chrysler laser. it has a T-03/T-04 garret non-inter-cooled turbo. I have a cracked head, I was wondering where I can get a 16 valve dohc head for it. weird tough, my car is at 14 psi and it has been that way since I got it. it was in bad shape when I bought it. if you have any ideas or comments, you can email them to me at lookyaymejames@yahoo.com.

1986 Chrysler Laser 2.6 turbo from North America


A long running dependable car


Nothing really

General Comments:

This car was a small hatchback 5-speed. It ran like a champ and was the best car I ever had and wish I would not have totaled it into a Ford piece of crap. It handled great and had pick up that would throw you back in your worn seat.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2004

1985 Chrysler Laser 2.2 from North America


They made this better than they thought they did!


Fabric on driver seat completely shot due to sun damage, but the rest of the car was fine. Getting a little rust around the door, but hey, I live near the water, it happens.

Timing belt went after (wait for it!) 278K and 18 years!

Transmission rebuilt in 1998.

Starter replaced in 2001.

Still has the original engine.

Computer starting to act up a bit now.

General Comments:

I love my old Laser. It's hilarious to be sitting next to some gangsta rapper wannabe kid at a light and then watch them eat my dust in the rear view mirror. The more she is driven, the happier she is. Great pick up even now (original non-turbo engine) Handles nicely and goes fast!Tough little car too, drove it into the bush on half dug out logging roads with no problem.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

5th Mar 2009, 01:51

Well I have an 85 Chrysler Laser 2.2l turbo. It has an OK interior, no visible rust, and it is built like a tank I think.

11th Jul 2009, 20:39

I think that the Chrysler Laser is a great car too. I race one at a local circuit, but I can't seem to find any performance parts, or body parts for that matter, around anywhere. Do you know any good web sites that I might be able to look at? If so that would be great. Thanks a lot.