1992 Chrysler LeBaron LX 3.0 Liter V6 from North America


Great sporty car


Bought the car used for $500. A bargain.

Engine has low miles and runs strong.

The top motor is broken.

Quarter window motors are broken.

Needs a new top.

Seats are ripped.

Some rust.

General Comments:

I bought a new top and rear window ($220).

Can put top down manually for now (no biggy).

Quarter rear windows don't look that bad up.

Seat covers ($30)

Sanded rust, primed, and painted.

I've spent around $500 fixing the car up, but it was a great deal and well worth it. The tranny might need to get rebuilt, but it's a LeBaron, heard it before. From start to finish I now have a nice car that cost me close to nothing.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2009

1992 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible 3.0L from North America


A great value for the money


30K Wiper switch lost the intermittent detent positions. I have to search for the right place.

Stuck thermostat at 110K miles resulting in a blown head gasket. I had the water pump replaced and timing belt at this time. Tech made note of cylinder boring marks still visible at this point.

My Passenger rear qtr window stopped working at 125K. Suspect a broken wire in the wiring harness.

New radiator at 150K.

150K My drivers rear qtr window cable sprung. I replaced the assy.

150K My first set of brakes.. Wow!

158K Replaced the throttle position sensor due to the motor not being able to hold idle.

Alternator and A/C both went around the 160K milestone. This was also the same point that the temp select cable seized up to the point I could not slide it between hot and cold without assistance from under the dash.

I had the new R134 A/C system installed at 165K. The R12 system developed leaks and needed replacement.

175K - I'm starting to go through a quart of oil by 2000 miles.

New convertible top at 210K.

225K Fuel pump failed.

At 260K again with the drivers rear qtr window cable. Replaced again.

275K - I'm now going through a qrt of oil every 1000 miles and its smoking.

280K My Headlamp door motor started to open and close the doors while driving with the lights off sometimes it would take up to a minute to get the doors to open at night. I opened them and disconnected the motor.

290K Rebuilt the front and rear suspension. Replaced all ball joints, struts and shocks. Also installed the second brake job in vehicles history. (many highway miles).

300K My cruise control switches are starting to not work or disengage cruise by themselves. Suspect bad ground.

320K The alternator has gone again. I had the original rebuilt and is now back in the car.

320K A/C hoses have given up the ghost. All need replacement again.

325K Radiator fan motor not working consistently. I replaced it.

355K The timing belt finally gave out. The car needs to have all of the engine seals and gaskets replaced along with the valve guide seals. It's leaking and burning something fierce.

General Comments:

I bought this car new for just over $17K. Considering the mileage on this car, it has been absolutely GREAT and an incredible bargain!

I have been religious about oil and filter changes throughout its life. I have done a reasonable job about maintenance on the car also.

The original clutch is still in this car and working fine! I'll change it when I service the engine only because of its age.

The body only has one place where its rusting and that is the rear axle "cross frame". Other than unpainted parts there is not a rust spot to be found on an exposed part anywhere on this car. My best Mopar ever for this problem. (I've had three that rusted off the wheels)

I have heard of many problems with the automatics for the 3.0 Mitzi engine, but this stick has been bulletproof, not one problem ever.

This ergonomics of this car are the best ever. I can put my elbows on each arm rest and still hold the wheel. This has allowed me to easily drive this car nonstop between fill ups on long trips (340 miles) and not be tired.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004