14th May 2010, 05:14

Yes, that is what's wrong with the US right now. People buying junk. I am 46 and have been driving Dodge's all my life; they're some of the best cars and trucks made. I just got me a 1995 Convertible Lebaron GTC and love it; super clean. And by the way, Ford and Japanese junk is what makes my living; I'm an auto tech...

14th May 2010, 22:22

"Ford and Japanese junk is what makes my living; I'm an auto tech..."

I'm an automotive technician too. I get a lot of Fords and Japanese vehicles in the shop for oil changes and tire rotations as well.

11th Jul 2010, 15:43

My son has a '95 LeBaron convertible. Runs great, and the top works well, except when putting the top up. It is about 1/2 inch from latch. He can't put it down because it won't then latch tightly. Any ideas?

27th Jul 2010, 15:07

I bought my 1995 LeBaron in December 2007, it's been a great little car. It had 170,000 miles on it when I bought it, and had a slight oil leak... Jan 2010 had to have the head replaced (1200.00). Other than that, it's just been maintenance costs (brakes, CO2 sensor, etc.). Now it has 208,000 miles on it and it's still going fine.

27th Jul 2010, 15:10

On the convertible top... mine does the same thing. Hold the automatic button down to raise the top while your latching the top on each side... worked like a charm for me.

29th Jul 2010, 01:30

My 1995 convertible top latches were more than a half inch off and I could not get the latches to lock down. I actually attached a come-along to a tree and a hook end onto the front of the convertible top and started cranking. It worked, and I kept the top up for a few days so that it would stretch. If I let the top down for any length of time, it will shrink again and it is hard to latch down.

18th Oct 2010, 22:58

Hello, I have 1995 LeBaron convertible.

There are handles behind the visors (search and you will find) that make the convertible tops very simple to use, the roofs are not supposed to close completely with automatic button! You have to seal the deal manually yourself, and this is not any trouble to me.

I love the car so far. The 3.0L V6 whines, very awesome sound, and power. I have driven lots of nice, fast cars. The performance is absolutely excellent. This is a great car all around, in my opinion, and for the money it's just great.

I love that it has Mopar indented in the fender under the hood. I plan to keep her in my life for a very, very long time. Hopefully this post was helpful to new owners of the LeBaron.

28th Nov 2010, 22:05

Hi. I'm going to look at one tomorrow and in the pictures it looks great. It's a 1995.

Is there anything that I should ask or look for that would help? I am concerned about the mileage. It has 250000km on it. Should I be concerned?

28th Apr 2011, 22:29

It's important that the top be put up while it's still warm. It tends to shrink when it gets cold. We like it down, and then don't bother to put it up until night when the temperature drops a bit. In any case, if you have two people, one pushing on the top and the other pushing on the button at the same time, it should make it.

9th Jul 2015, 06:46

Most of these problems are typical of any car. I know nothing about the o-rings you mentioned, but for me, whenever I buy a used car, I have the tranny flushed and serviced, sludge clean the engine when I get the first oil change, and have the timing belt/water pump changed. Doing this, I have never had any catastrophic problems or been stranded. Most issues that people have is lack of preventative maintenance. My LeBaron is 21 years old and runs like a dream.

11th Jan 2024, 04:55

Greetings! I came across your post on Google… I have a 95 Lebaron.. spruce green / camel top.. camel leather interior.. Owned 15 yrs. Haven’t put 10k on it yet. Bought from original 90 year old owner. Have there original window sticker.. bill of sale and her picture. Even the disk tape that shows how to operate the original convertible top (no holes or tears) and the owners manuals. Optional gold package .. 36k original miles. Garage kept.. never ridden in rain or winter. Multi car show award winner! Trophy’s / plaques. I’ve owned a lot of vehicles over the years (I’m 75).. never owned one this long .. shes a head turner.. gets lots of comments… great on gas! Only put in full synthetic oil .. could eat off the engine.