12th Jan 2011, 08:50

To all the above commentors, while I own my share of "traditional" or "real" cars (I own 7 Lincolns of the Mark series from the 70's), I do not overly bash on cars made today. I work as a lead technician for a Hyundai dealership, and I see the vast amount of technology and safety that goes into these cars. Now will they ever have a presence in a car show thirty years from now? Probably not. However they are, I'm sorry to say, better from an engineering stand point in every way to all of my "classics" put together. Some of the cars I see have direct injection systems that vastly improve emissions and still retain, if not increase power. If any of you are old enough, then you remember the old vacuum pump emissions, EGR, and the like that robbed more power than actually helped lower emissions. Not to mention, they caused more fuel consumption.

So the point is this: Just because it's not your dig, or because you can't afford the exorbitant prices for new cars today, don't go around saying your 1995 Ford Crown Victoria, with its ancient push-rod motor is "so much better" than my 2010 Genesis with its quad-over head cam with CVVT motor. Like I said, I love my Marks, and would never trade them for any new car, but I don't go around saying things like what all of you have. BTW both cars before mentioned use a 4.6 liter engine, but make no mistake, these engines are not similar in any way. Happy motoring ;-)

12th Jan 2011, 16:54

However my 98' Crown Victoria will be still running long after the Hyundai has died. And if I had the money, it sure wouldn't be for some cheap knock off, it would be for a 2003-2009 Mercedes E-class.

13th Jan 2011, 10:18

To the above 'Hyundai technician', if the fellow was posting about a '95 Crown Victoria it didn't have a push-rod engine (alas), it had an overhead-cam one (the 4.6).

13th Jan 2011, 10:42

Have fun replacing those $1000 dollar ignition coils on your Benz when they go bad (and they go bad quite often my friend...).

13th Jan 2011, 13:52

"Hyundai Technician" here.

Please forgive the oversight. My only excuse is that I am a HYUNDAI tech, not a Ford tech. All of you have overlooked the fact that I do own older cars, several examples of Lincolns of the Mark series from the seventies. They all have 460 cid push rod motors (dispute that, I dare ya!) I knew for a fact that the old 5.0s had that set up, but honestly wasn't sure about the 4.6. Thank you for correcting me. Trust me guys and gals, this is rare, a person posting a comment, having less than completely accurate info, and then thanking someone for correcting him. I have found that there are more "know-it-alls" than experts on this site. I do not presume to say I am either, I'm just a guy who is passionate about his field, cars.

All the auto makers made and make great ones, and they made and make horrible ones. No one is immune to this designation. I mean how great was a 1974 Pinto? Or a 1958 Edsel? How about the Pontiac 8-lug wheels? They looked great sure, but they were crap! I just like what I do, and don't have a closed mind about either. I believed this fact made me more or less unbiased to the whole "old vs. new" arguments that some people here take great pleasure in stoking.

I see my assumption was in error. I guess the Luddites truly will inherit the world after all. Best of luck to all of you in your automotive endeavors, whether new or old. But to be honest by the sound of some of you, I'm very glad that I'm not your mechanic... happy motoring! ;-D.