8th Jun 2006, 00:56

Although the EPA rating on this car is 18-23 MPG, I seem to get over 30. The "Traveler" screen indicates 31.4 right now, and that has remained consistent. But, I notice when I like to play with it I get much worse gas mileage. This engine has the ability to drink gas. I took mine to 144 yesterday and I dropped about 1/8 tank in a few minutes.

So, yes this car CAN go over 125. I have the digital speedometer, so I knew right where I was.

13th Jun 2006, 21:24

I drive an 89 LeBaron 2.2 turbo. I read that a couple of people had theirs over 125. Mine seems to be governed at around 118. Maybe you guys got a chip or reprogrammed it.

Other than that, I have a leak coming from the turbo oil line and it leaks about half a quart a day. But I still love my LeBaron., it cruises down the highway nicely.

23rd Apr 2008, 13:49

I currently still own a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron GT Turbo Convertible. I had it repainted and a new top put on about 5 years ago, then at 165,000 miles, I had a new engine and turbocharger installed about a year ago. The fuel usage is the only downfall of my vehicle for it is only about 17/21 mpg, but has plenty of surprising "pep in the step". I have had the car, as argued in the above comment, in excess of 125 mph and have not made any changes to the car since its original purchase. Of course, now I have the new engine and wouldn't try that again due to hoping to make it last longer along with wisdom with age. The drive/ride of this vehicle is what keeps it irreplaceable, despite all of the new "gadgets" seen in todays vehicles. I have learned to be thankful for what I have, and what I have is actually quite impressive!

6th Mar 2009, 23:24

Well I bought this car from my dad, an original 2.5 turbo that threw a piston, so me and him rebuilt it with a 2.2 shortblock we got for $75!!! OFF EBAY. We would have gotten a 2.5, but this was such a great deal we didn't really care.

I recently bought this car off him and put a stereo in it. BEWARE if you have the Infinity stereo, it's a pain putting in the new stereo. You have to rewire all the speakers, but I did it anyhow.

If you have the timing right, this car is pretty fast. It needs good oil and am intake in it. I'm thinking of putting a intercooler on this. So it's better

5th Aug 2009, 22:04

I love my 1989 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible. Just got the engine rebuilt and am happy I spent the cash. However, I now have a huge issue with the roof. It will not go up. This has happened off and on over the last couple years, but it always came around. Last few days, press the button to go up and nothing, no motor noise, nothing. Motor noise going the other way. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on? I have no garage and live in Vancouver, so you can imagine I will need the roof up eventually, LOL.

25th Feb 2012, 13:15

I have a 1989 GT Convertible, and was wondering how rare of a car this is? I can't seem to find any numbers as to how many were made. Can anyone help?