1994 Chrysler LHS 3.5L from North America


Nice option to try out a big american car


I had to replace belts + light bulbs ($150), front brake pads+rotors, rear left tire ($300)

Still have a problem with the child safety system I cannot disengage it at one of the back doors.

Central lock switch works on only 1 door and of course it's not the driver's side :)

General Comments:

OK here is the deal: you get a car at a fairly low price (around 3K) packed with all the luxuries high-end cars have and it even drives well+has an acceptable mileage on highways.

The car looks good. Although everybody is complaining about the transmission I just have to tell you: no transmission in the world can do this job if you don't handle the car gently. Unleash 214 HP from a 3.5L engine to accelerate a big and heavy car. Can you imagine the forces at work. Sure, the car will jump will move as a small car, but the forces every component takes are much higher than on light cars. So my advice: drive slow or more precisely accelerate slow and in a gentle manner.

With this car you have a presence on the road even if you go slow. It's about size/looks not speed. Mine is black and everybody thinks I'm a secret agent or something like that :)

I think that this car is much safer than SUV's because it's as big as them (if not bigger) and has a low center of gravity so it will not roll over.

You just have to learn to drive slowly and in style - not that the car would not be capable of handling as a sports car, but then it doesn't last as much.

Huge space at rear seats, front seats are not that comfortable, but I can manage I had worse (I'm 6'3"). AC: 9 year old car - you really expect it to work?

Power: steering, seats (leather), mirrors, braking (with ABS that you can switch on/off), windows. Really nice interior, well designed.

I've heard complaints about the fact that the gear changer has no lights to illuminate it. First of all: it's an automatic for crying out loud! You put it in reverse when you get out of parking then you shift into drive and that's all! Besides it shows you on the dashboard what gear you're in. (By the way it's where it should be - down on the floor - I really hate it when it's near the steering wheel).

Hoghway noise is low, it's a different feeling than small cars.

Rear field of view: very small and inadequate - be careful when you back up.

Despite being a 94 car it still looks good and it has a lot of luxury options. I would recommend it to any speed maniac (like myself) because it teaches you to cool down and drive calmly.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

1994 Chrysler LHS 3.5 from North America


Would rather have a BMW


The car has been a fairly good car. I have yet to replace a thing, but the previous owner spent a lot of $$$$$$on this car. It does experience a little vibration at about 70 or 75 mph. Factory paint sucks.

General Comments:

I like it. It is a good car. It handles excellent, quick and peppy. I would buy another Chrysler. They have improved a lot of things lately, in the past three yrs. or so.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2003

1994 Chrysler LHS 3.5L from North America


Better than many,


-Water pump & timing belt replaced shortly after I got it.

-Timing belt tensioner failed 15,000 miles after water pump/belt replacement--crappy aftermarket part?

-Tranny rebuilt at 145,000 miles.

-Rear defogger switch/relay replaced.

-Front struts replaced (original)

-Just replaced O2 sensors (original)

-Tranny is being rebuilt again as I write this review!! (under warranty) Bad rebuild or bad transmission design? Possibly both.

General Comments:

Overall, very satisfied with this car. I am the fourth owner of it, but it seems to have been well cared for. Weak points are definitely the transmission and water pump.

As I've noticed in other reviews, my steering also makes strange noises when the outside temperature is below 20 F. Despite other reviews to the contrary, the A/C is the best I've had on any car. I think it was likely worked on before I got the car. The electrical system has a weird intermittent fault-- sometimes when I shut the car off, the dash lights remain on, and I have to turn the ignition back on and cycle the headlight switch to correct this. Infinity stereo failed, replaced with a friend's newer stereo from a newer Chrysler model. These were made by Alpine for Chrysler in this year--Alpine has had a lot of reliability problems. Very nice handling and performing car overall. I've driven a lot of cars, and despite the quirks, if I found myself in a high speed chase, this one would be on my top 5 list of cars I'd rather be driving. (at least ones that I can afford)

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2003