15th Apr 2001, 12:25

I have had occasion to spend many miles behind the wheel of the Neon; as a rental car. It is the only car in all of my experience to leave me stranded, multiple times, with different Neons! It is unfortunate that these cars are being marketed to non-fleet buyers (like YOU), because they are a very poor example of the kinds of vehicles DaimlerChrysler is capable of. I would advise also that one stay away from these models; their price makes them tempting, but you will make up for your savings in repairs in the long run; do you research!!!

22nd Jul 2004, 14:18

I work on cars for a living and have for over 30 years and one thing I can say for sure---everything that Chrysler makes is junk. They have been for years. I hate to see one pull up in front of the shop. I have seen Chrysler transmissions go out from as few as 40,000 miles. Anti lock brakes are another problem. Had a friend that bought a Dodge truck brand new in 1999. It started falling apart after 2 years so to add insult to injury he traded it in on a new one. After 60,000 miles the engine started missing and the front brake calipers started freezing up. I worked on a 2001 Stratus a few weeks ago. The Problem? All of the warning lights on the dash came on and the temp and fuel gauges quit working, but the car ran fine. The cause? Now get this- the radio. Yes-the radio. Don't ask me why, but the radio shorted and caused all of the warning lights to come on and the fuel and temp gauges to stop working. A new radio fixed it, for now. Ram tough? I think not. Nothing but junk.

15th Jan 2010, 04:38

I currently own a Chrysler Neon SE 2L, and at 100000 km nothing has gone wrong ever, and I race the car every chance I get. I love it, and will never sell.