1998 Chrysler Neon GLX 1st gen 2.0L from UK and Ireland


Total outlay of vehicle and upkeep of £18000 for 18 years. Show me another vehicle to match that?


Nothing. Never broken down. Never not started. Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. No rust anywhere.

If general maintenance is good then it will stand by you.

The only item that ever requiring replaced, other than general wear due to mileage, was an air con condenser leak, probably due to stone damage.

Have changed the front engine mount twice in that time, but considering the mileage and cost of the item (£30), it's nothing.

For years people knocked this vehicle. Friends' cars have been long gone, broken down, traded in or crushed, yet the Neon motors on. None of them can believe its condition. The car used to only get a wash each MOT, now more often if I'm honest.

Leather seats have bit of wear on the driver's side and slight sag due to mileage.

General Comments:

Fantastic vehicle 2nd I've owned. Build quality OK, components superb.

Downside is the interior has too much plastic, but that's made up for with leather seating and high vehicle spec. equipment as standard GLX (UK model). Many items only now becoming standard equipment on current vehicles and at time of purchase not even optional extra with many other manufactures. Bought a one new when Chrysler came to the UK and it did have a few issues. Head gaskets made of cork that would fail, but changed under warranty for multi layer steel type, and it would eat track rod ends, but these were changed to a cast iron type that fixed the issue. Traded the car in for my second and current model a couple of years later. It's now 18 years old.

Almost 200,000 miles and still the same clutch. Brake discs all round changed at 150,000 miles as at the bottom limits for thickness. Changed brake flexible hoses at same time due to ease of access (preventative maintenance).

Two track control arms and two track rod ends and that's it. Other than general wear maintenance components, tyres, brake pads, oils and filters.

In 18 years ownership, I would guess all in with failed/general wear and services items, this vehicle has cost me £1400 pounds; that's £80 pounds a year. You'd pay that just for high end engine oil and filter for one service these days.

I also own a Mercedes S class and it would be unfair to compare the two as few vehicles could touch the Merc, but it has had many costly issues, and tyres alone just cost me a £1000. That's why it's a weekend driver and my Neon is my daily.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2016

28th Jul 2022, 14:23

Good review. Surprisingly unpopular in the UK despite being reliable and as good as any similar rival car. And again, all the negative reviews on here for the Neon come from the USA, but that may be due to the larger number in use over there.

I remember considering one of these cars back in the year 2000, ended up buying a Ford Mondeo instead, was a good car but I bet the Neon would also have been fine.

1st Aug 2022, 22:46

Yeah, here in the US they were super cheap economy cars. Sold on the extreme low end of Chrysler's offerings. In general it seems some Chrysler cars have bullet-proof drivetrains. I had a friend who had a Jeep Cherokee with the inline 4.0 6. Made it past 500,000 miles before the transmission dropped the reverse gear... because he NEVER changed the transmission fluid.

1998 Chrysler Neon Base 2.0L from Venezuela


Good car considering the price tag


Replacement of head gasket just last year due to overheating. Milling off the head required.

Paint on roof completely peeled off (this is a very sunny country all year round).

Noise in the front and rear suspension. Not a surprise considering the bad condition of the roads.

A/C unit must be repaired every 2 to 3 years (replacement of evaporator).

Water leaking into the cabin somewhere around the dashboard and trunk.

General Comments:

A very good car considering the price tag. Mine is a manual, base model, yes the one with the AM radio (very strange!). I bought this car brand new and no major bug ever happened to it. All repairs done are due to normal wear, except for the evaporator that constantly failed. I cannot understand how a fairly good car has such a cheap evaporator. I also own a Corolla 1999, and similar problems have occurred to it, except for the A/C that works like a charm.

I am still trying to fix the water leaks, which is presently my major concern.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2010