2nd Feb 2007, 09:02

I have had this car for almost 5 years now and absolutely love it. Considering the roads are full of potholes.. and I require extra care with the parts underneath the car (from the potholes), this car runs great. I never have to plug it in for the winter, gas mileage is great. Handling at high speeds is excellent, highway driving is great. Sure the parts are cheaper in quality, but also cheaper in price than most cars. So its affordable to drive and maintain. Again, almost 5 years now and still love the car. This is my second one. First neon drove over 350,000 km and at that point I got tired of it. It needed a fuel pump and that was it! Honda and Toyota aren't the only cars that can reach over 300,000 km. The only reason why people don't like the cars is because it used to have a bad reputation. My friend just sold his 13 year old neon (still runs) and he had 2 major accidents with it. Can't complain there.


16th Apr 2007, 13:48

I own a 2002 Neon R/T and its very fast and has only had minor problems with the computer where the gauges wouldn't work. Just had to disconnect the battery an reattach it an worked fine ever since. Great car all around.

18th Oct 2008, 03:40

I have 2003 Neon LX. What a pleasure. Had to replace the battery which is normal. Automatic cruise control full house, a real diamond, with speed to boot...

4th Dec 2008, 21:40

My sister owns now two Neons; a 2001 Plymouth Neon, which is crap, and a 2001 Dodge Neon, which is in excellent condition. I think what I have found is the old Plymouth company really sucked on their car models compared to Dodge, so if you buy a Neon go with Dodge.

23rd Jun 2009, 13:06

I think that the Neon is a good car if you take care of it. My friend had 2002 Chrysler Neon. He put 500,000 km on it. It still works to day and he had no problem with it. You've got to take care of your car, bring it in for oil changes and check to see if it needs new parts. If you don't give a rats ass about your car, then why do you think it blows up on you at 60 000 km.

The Neon is sick car. I have a Dodge SX 2.0 and it is the best car ever, no problems at all. You know why, because I take care of it.