5th Jun 2007, 13:16

For goodness sake people brakes are something that are general wear and tear!! It doesn't matter what car you have the brakes will have to be replaced at some point. And yes surprisingly enough it does cost money to replace.

Can't say I've had any trouble with my "sub frame". Overall I love my car, one thing to expect tho, they only do them in 2 litre engines so yes the exhaust will cost more money than a one litre engine to replace!

22nd Sep 2007, 22:14

I too have had problems.

Loud noise when air conditioning turns on.

Horn failed due to water getting into it.

Brackets that hold rear brake pads rusted off and I had to replace them way before they would have needed it.

Power steering noisy, TSB (technical service bulletin) said they had changed the indicated level on P.S. dipstick so I just added an extra 1/4 inch of fluid and it fixed it.

Severe rust on the front cross member, very premature in my opinion. But I do live where the roads are regularly salted in the winter.

Both keyless remotes failed, wish I had known I needed one working one to program a new one before the second one failed. Now a Dealer will have to do it.

Battery started to fail within 3 years, too early I think.

Seems like they used the cheapest most corrosive screws, nuts and bolts they could find.

I recently looked into why my drivers side electric window was struggling to raise, I found that the plastic guide that runs up the center middle rail inside the door is well worn, plastic vs. metal what were they thinking.

I'm sure there are other minor things I haven't mentioned, but some things are to be expected at 120k miles like oil leaks and such, especially the way I thrash that poor little car.

2nd Oct 2009, 03:12

I would be interested to see the follow up from the driver who sold his Chrysler for a Vectra. How has that been? I can almost guarantee its cost more to keep that on the road :S.