1979 Chrysler New Yorker 360 CID from North America


Excellent low cost transportation and unique



Evaporator core + various other parts of the A/C system.

Leaf springs

Windshield wiper switch


Various electrical problems.

General Comments:

With out a doubt the best car I have ever owned, I actually at today's date 2/17/08 still drive the third one of these Chrysler New Yorkers I have owned.

These cars handle surprisingly well for a nearly 3 ton automobile, have acceptable performance and get reasonably good fuel economy for the size car (15 - 17 MPG).

Virtually all of the problems I have had on these cars (and they have been the same exact problems on three separate cars) have been due to age.

If you know what to maintain on these cars they are extremely reliable. I have ran the first two cars well over 200K miles, my current New Yorker is relatively low mileage at 80K.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008

6th Nov 2010, 16:22

1979 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Ave Edition was the best car I ever owned for 20 years. Only 1 repair on the starter cable. And the usual tires, brakes, etc.

4th Nov 2013, 19:09

I guess I should write an epilogue as I started the thread. I sold the third and last New Yorker in late 2008. It was a difficult decision, but I was commuting long distances to work, fuel was running >$400 per month at the time, so something had to give.

There was nothing wrong with the New Yorker at the time I sold it, its power train went to restore a Christine clone, kind of sad all in all.