1985 Chrysler New Yorker 2.2 turbo from North America


Would buy another if they would build one


Required new head due to dropped valve.

Blown head gasket at 75,000.

Leak in transmission axle seal at 50,000.

Oxygen sensor failure after 15 years.

Will have to replace Catalytic converter to pass smog in 2003.

Had to replace radiator at 65,000.

Landau/headliner replacement at 90,000.

Stalled in April 1999 and again in November 2002 - probably ignition intermittent, but no one can find it.

General Comments:

You can drive this car as long as you can stay awake - comfort incredible.

Turbo takes some getting used to - delay to engage/disengage has to be compensated for, but you still get 60 in 10.4 seconds.

Will run away downhill due to small engine - requires braking to stay under 70mph.

Tires last forever, but will cup to the point you cannot stand the noise.

Turbo is more impressive from 60 - 80 than from 0 - 60; great for passing double semis.

Style is timeless - People still want to know what it is after 17 years.

Never burned/leaked a drop of oil - you can eat your lunch on the valve cover.

Runs good on 87, better on 89, best on 91.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2002

6th Apr 2004, 17:33

Author of previous comment has obviously never driven a turbocharged automobile.

10th Aug 2006, 23:58

I thought octane had a lot to do with elevation. Maybe you're all correct. Knocking is usually a sign of running lean on fuel mixture or retarded timing.

11th Aug 2006, 18:54

Yes, the first responder "knows" too much for his own good. I have also noticed that I get severe run-on with 87 and 89 octane gas, but no run-on with 93 octane. The knocking comment is also correct, though: going up hills under a load, the engine will show pre-ignition pinging on lower octane gas, but it goes away with higher octane gas.

10th Nov 2011, 13:52

The turbo engines sense pre-ignition, and the computer will compensate and retard the timing accordingly (like all newer engines as well). They were set to utilize good gas, so the original comment is probably correct.

1985 Chrysler New Yorker Turbo 2.2 turbo from North America


Way ahead of it's time and ultimate comfort


Rear brake line failure, rusted and blew.

Power steering pump leaks.

Driver's window off track, does not stay up and no power action.

Premium stereo tape player/radio ceased to function.

Buttons on the computer do not respond to any amount of pressure (push).

Car was difficult to pass e-check.

General Comments:

Remember those commercials from the 80's? Ricardo Montalban was holding the crystal key to a New Yorker while aboard a starship. That's my car!

The 2.2turbo runs very well despite the huge number of miles on the car. The interior is a masterpiece even by todays standards and is in mostly excellent condition.

A few sneaky tricks were required to pass emissions, and that was a little frustrating. The rear brake lines have rusted through, and presently the car is not driven. The power steering pump has had a slow leak since I obtained this Chrysler, so constant fluid replenishment is required.

Over the years, the car has lost all performance ability. It is extremely slow. But, it never left me stranded anywhere or failed to start, not once.

The best thing about my New Yorker...

I have never taken a ride in a car with seats more comfortable than the fine Corinthian leather seats in my '85.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2002

14th Jan 2003, 13:23

As far as the computer buttons not responding... I have found that pressing them for slightly more than a second makes them respond. If that doesn't work, a Chrysler dealer can provide you with some electrical contact cleaner spray, that with the instructions that they provide to you, can correct the situation as well. Good luck!! I would like to hear back as to if these recommendations help your situation. I also have an '85 and an '87, and think they are wonderful, especially when you consider how easy they tend to be to maintain. Again, good luck!!

21st Sep 2007, 03:23

Whoa now its 2007 going on 8! Well... you Chrysler K car enthusiasts are going to love this one! I have an '86 New Yorker 2.2 Turbo, with 80,000k miles on it... and this is 2008! And the reviews you all are giving on this car makes me cherish mine even more! Its Total Mint condition for its age! And I am also a second owner and also love those lazy boy seats in that thing! I would also like to point out that mine has the exact same problems as you all have noted above: computer buttons fried, deteriorated back brake lines and e-brake, digital thermostat buttons fried and stuck on 75 degrees... yet she runs amazing still! Ja, I want that things seats in my living room also, when it kicks the bucket that is... MOPAR OR NO CAR!!!

6th Jan 2009, 16:33

I am looking for a mint condition 1985 turbo New Yorker. That is the day good power and great styling. Better than 90% of the crap sold today. MOPAR OR NO CAR.

18th Jan 2016, 17:43

I have a 1985 Chrysler New Yorker Turbo, and trying to keep it in good repair is hard, as most mechanics will not work on it, saying it is too old and not worth it. It is my daily vehicle.