2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited 2.4 Gas from North America



General Comments:

I bought this car two years old with 4 thousand miles for $11,000. It was and still remains a bargain.

The car shifts well, is very roomy, quite on the highway, easy to park, and a joy to drive and own.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2003

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring 2.0 litre from UK and Ireland


The Cruiser is the perfect vehicle for parents without a cause!


I have had no problems with the car at all - it has been thoroughly reliable.

General Comments:

Is it a hearse? Is it a taxi? Is it the anthill mob's car? No, it has simply dared not to be armadillo shaped like every other family saloon.

It's not the fastest thing on four wheels, but that's largely irrelevant on the roads today, and I've slowed my driving down now that I've got kids anyway.

It's very comfortable and it's got all the mod cons you need (and some you don't, like traction control).

However, it either needs a bigger boot or a cheaper dealer provided roof rack as going on holiday can be a bit of a squeeze.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


It doesn't look like any other car


The car was 'keyed' during the second week I had it entailing a re-spray of the whole passenger side door.

This is hardly the fault of the manufacturer, and the car has been completely reliable.

General Comments:

In comparison to my previous car (Honda Accord, 2.0 automatic) the Cruiser feels slow to accelerate, but at motorway speeds (!!) it does exactly what it says on the tin - cruises.

Ideally, it needs a bigger engine.

It has the turning circle of an ocean liner.

Rear visibility is poor.

However, I didn't buy it expecting a performance car - it's a head turner, and I bought it because of the way it looks (which I accept some people hate)

It accommodates our family of five (including 3 car seats in the rear for children ranging from 6 months to four years) although the boot could be bigger.

It has a good spec - air con, 6-speaker stereo including CD player, electric windows front and rear, traction control, ABS etc etc.

The Cruiser also has a comfortable driving position and plenty of rear leg room (according to adult friends rather than our 3 children)

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser 150HP 4 cylinder from North America


Form with function!


A pickup truck owner decided to ram the back of the thing, dislodging the plastic bumper, and scratching it badly.

Whether or not it was on purpose I will not know, because it happened while the car was parked.

General Comments:

This is, without question, the best looking set of wheels on the road. Every time I park the car, people come up to me and say "Hey! Cute car!" or ask me what I thought of it. And it wasn't uncommon to have people ask if they could have their picture taken in front of it. Hell, on a road trip someone offered to BUY the car from me for MORE than I paid for it! (PT Cruisers were in very short supply there!)

Inside, the car is every bit as unique. When you're in it, you feel like you're in a minivan... a short but cool minivan! There's plenty of headroom, and the car feels nice and roomy. It's also very quiet inside on highways, usually most of the noise comes from the air conditioner.

The stereo is terrific! But the treble/bass controls might as well not be there at all... they don't do anything!

Cargo space is a real challenge. If your family is going on vacation, bring compact suitcases. The design of the cargo area requires you to be flexible on larger loads. Otherwise, getting all of your family's stuff back there requires careful maneuvering.

There needs to be a passenger's side armrest as STANDARD! I ended up sticking a briefcase in between the seats because of this.

The layout of the controls is nice. But the dashboard is cheap, ugly, plastic that is molded to resemble leather. It doesn't, and I hate it. WHY!??? Coming from a Ford Taurus, I had quite a bit of trouble warming up to this.

I also would like to know why the automatic transmission has to look so boring... why can't it be as colorful as the manual?

There were also some minor panel-fitting hiccups. I could stick a credit card in the gap between the stereo & the trim.

Air circulation in this car is terrific. The kids never whine at all about not getting enough air!

The stereo's screen (the one that displays the station/track number) needs to be dimmer at night.

I like the fact that the windows can all be operated in the center of the dash, but I'm not wild about where the rear window controls are located... too close to the floor. The window lock is a necessity.

The car has tons of useful cubbyholes throughout! The map pockets are USEFUL!

Novelty aside, the price really needs to come down on this car, or Chrysler need to improve the quality of certain materials. But other than that, this car is sheer proof that you can mix form with function, and get the best of both worlds!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2001

20th Apr 2003, 11:59

2001 PT Cruiser Touring Edition: Purchased Used.

Perhaps this comment is not worthy of posting, but because of the new Turbo, people like me are going to be buying the Cruiser which is becoming available second hand.

What I find interesting is that most of the people trading them in at dealers are purchasing the Turbo.

I wanted this car so badly and never believed I would be driving one. And me, a grandmother who had no past history of falling in love with any car.

It lives up to my dreams. It is well appointed and carries my two greyhounds with ease. I love driving it, because it is after all, adorable.

Whatever faults it may have are small, and pale before the unique design and practicality of this automobile.

It is rated as a good car to buy used from Consumer Reports, and so far it has not let me down.

I believe that not being able to afford one, and then finding myself the very proud owner of a Cruiser has a lot to do with how I feel.

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser from North America


I love it!



General Comments:

I feel like I'm in a mini-van at the price of a mid-size car.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2001