2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L from North America


No regrets here


I can't fault this car for anything major, but time will tell. I had to replace the brakes at 55,000 kms, but that is due to city driving and all the sudden stops the city puts me through. Also had to replace the factory wipers. They just don't make them to last anymore!

I tore the bumper off, because this car is built low, and re-bar from a stall parking concrete barrier snagged me, and I effectively ripped the bumper off its pins on the passengers side. The dealership said I wouldn't believe how many of these 'accidents' they see a year. The parking lot was found responsible, and I didn't have to pay for it. Hardly the car's fault, more like a moron driver's fault!!

This car needs detailing BADLY. The seats show every single watermark from every drop of rain and melting snow that has come in contact with them. This is not only my car, as a coworker and the courier vehicles for my company have reported the same problem. It's not a huge deal, but people get in my car and make comments. I am not a dirty person, and these waterstains makes me feel like I am.

Still has a new car smell though. I can't smell it, but everyone else can.

This model does not come with a rear cargo shelf. I was told this wasn't standard anymore. Turns out Chrysler charges an arm and leg for a plastic shelf. If you need one, you can buy one at a junk yard for 50 bucks. Chrysler wanted to charge me over 350! Older models' shelves will fit the vehicle just fine.

General Comments:

My father owns a 2003 model in silver, which I have driven many times. Once my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire started giving me problems, I saw this car on the Chrysler lot. I had one in mind, but never found one I 100% liked (too many miles, too old, beat up, etc). I typically hate white cars, but white works with this one. I bought it, and still love it to this day.

I didn't buy this car for gas mileage, but it isn't the worst one I've driven. I don't fill up as often as you'd think, but I fill up more than the Sunfire. The computer tells me how far I can drive on the tank I have, which is a useful feature. I like how it has a compass built right in, and my mileage can be calculate by using mpg or distance remaining. There are a few trip counters and timers on top of that.

Interior is stylish and comfortable. Love the vent configuration and the cargo shelf (when I got it!). Might get the interior scotch-guarded. That might tackle the water-staining issue. It has great sound in the stereo and lots of preset buttons for the radio. Very user friendly dash.

Engine is underpowered for the size of the car. Car is heavy! My engine doesn't struggle per se but it lacks a get up and go. I miss that.

Lots of storage space! Love this car for storing and moving things. I moved a bed with it, a deconstructed futon, Ikea furniture. All sorts of stuff!

I bought this car, because it is a little larger and more easily seen on the roads. It's more safe than my Sunfire, and for the passengers in the back too.

It's sad that they stopped making this car. I feel a little bit of a friendship with everyone I meet at a red light with the same car. Chrysler, I would love for you to bring it back. I would buy another one (if you pepped up the engine).

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Review Date: 10th November, 2010

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Base 2.4 from North America




Problem free.

General Comments:

When my 1992 Toyota Camry had been totaled in a car accident, I needed another vehicle in the worst way.

I wanted a 2008 PT Cruiser badly. My sister and brother-in-law happened to find 2 of them at a used car lot in Pennsylvania. So I went to look at both of them. One was a white one with 42000 miles on it, and the other one had 36000 miles on it.

I chose the one one with 36000 miles on it, because of the color. It is a rare shade of blue. You could say the color is like the color of ocean water. It is that pretty. It really stands out. People love this color, and so do I.

It does not have leather or the power sunroof. I love driving this!!! It was a previous rental vehicle. It is quick, and great on gas.

Everywhere that I go with this vehicle, people stop and rave at how cute it is, and its color.

Would I recommend this year of vehicle or any PT Cruiser? You bet I would. I absolutely love this vehicle a lot.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2010