5th Oct 2010, 14:26

2004 PT Cruiser Limited Edition Turbo.

Rough idle/ cold start problem/ stalling when put in reverse while cold began around 20,000 miles. Took it the dealer numerous times (8 times between 2005 - 2007, but Chrysler corp. would not address it) and always told it was fine - no problem since it did not pull check engine light.

Over the years, did regular tune ups and oil changes, have changed both front wheel bearings, new cam sensor, new A/C hose, power steering hose.

Recently check engine light started pulling code P0304 - got a tune up with new plugs, wires, coil and computer flashed for technical service bulletin 1802404 - still same problem - idle so rough, the car would not stay running at stop or in park. Changed fuel injector and still no improvement - now saying the engine is fine, compression is fine, all pistons fine, but why don't I try replacing the engine??? Now working with Chrysler Corporate office again to try to resolve...

28th Apr 2011, 22:15

Was your car a turbo?

24th May 2011, 15:46

I have a 2002 Cruiser that idles rough, will stall, and won't start without me giving it gas. It is pulling code P0340. I replaced the camshaft position sensor, and then took it to be worked on. Was informed by a mechanic (who kept it 4 weeks) that the camshaft was broken in half. Replaced both camshafts, and was told I was getting a code for the ignition coil. Replaced ignition coil. Still does SAME thing. I am going to do plugs and wires. New camshaft position sensor was torqued and it cracked the outside, so I am going to replace it. Still pulling code P0340.??? I have spent over $1000.00 on this in one month, and it still won't run!!! Any suggestions? I don't want the dealer to work on it.

3rd Nov 2012, 11:51

This is the worst car ever. My friend is having the same problem. This car is a lemon.

2nd Dec 2012, 07:55

A potential cause is the motor or transmission mounts.


1st Apr 2014, 22:12

I worked for Chrysler for 20 years. I had an 05 PT Cruiser and now have a 09. It has 49,000 miles on it. My other 05 PT Cruiser did the same thing my 09 is doing; stumbling at idle with the A/C on.

I love my little car; just want to know why my 05 and my 09 are doing the same thing. I traded my other one, so I don't know if it got fixed or not.

Would like to keep my car; just got to have A/C in the hot humid south.