2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXi 2.5 from North America


The best car that I've ever owned


The heater blower relay has failed twice (very minor cost and easily done with a screwdriver under the dash).

The read defogger connection pulled loose, but I'm sure that I can fix that, too.

The trunk lid support struts finally gave out around 100k, another inexpensive DIY fix.

I had the dealer replace the plugs at 100k (scheduled maintenance) only because the plenum has to come off the engine to do this, but that's not very expensive job.

I've changed the oil, transmission fluid, and coolant on schedule.

General Comments:

In my 40 years of driving, this Chrysler Sebring convertible has been the most fun and reliable car that I've owned (well, there was that Jag...). I get compliments on its good looks from young and old alike.

I'm still getting 28-30 mpg at 150k miles. The car starts instantly at 0 or 100 degrees. I've run synthetic oil for past 120k. I've had no rattles, oil leaks, engine problems, A/C, or transmission problems.

The convertible top still works perfectly with no rips or leaks. Stereo CD/Radio works as new. The leather just gets better with time.

It's not a particularly fast car, but it can easily do 70 mph over Donner summit or Spooner summit in the Sierras, and it loves a twisty road.

The paint is still shiny after 100s of washing (road chips and parking lot dings notwithstanding).

I have a little 2000lb tow hitch and have used the car to tow light sailboats, utility trailers, etc. with no problems over the mountains at 60-70 mph. People laugh when they see me show up at the dumps with yard clippings in my trailer and the top down!

The 2000 is the last year for the 2.5L Mitsubishi V6. I’d be a little leery of the 2.7L 2001-02 models with their legendary engine failures.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2009

15th Oct 2011, 21:34

They are very nice looking convertibles.

2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI 2.5 V6 from North America


Avoid it!


Entire engine has to be rebuilt.

Stalling problem.

Front end issues.

Next convertible won't be a Chrysler.

General Comments:

Nice looking and pretty good to drive. But everything fell apart at once.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2009

2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI from North America


Love it


Front leather seats have not worn well and I have had to put tape on the driver side seat.

There is some type of electrical short in the rear view mirror, which has drained the battery several times. I can't seem to figure out, nor can the dealer, how to fix it.

Cupholders are bad.

Most serious problem is the motor for the convertible top. Only can use the top in the summer because of the climate, but I am afraid to put it down anymore because the motor sounds like it is going to die. I hesitate to take it in to be fixed because the dealer will just tell me to replace the motor. Could it be anything else?

General Comments:

I really have enjoyed the car and luckily have not had the water problems many other people have had. It is a fun car to drive and handles very well. I have no trouble driving in the snow with the car.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2009

8th Jun 2009, 02:04

Had similar problem with the battery running down, took out bulbs in the rear view mirror, now no problem.

2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible V6 from North America


Looks overpower the design flaws


The CD changer in the trunk just quit, along with the indash cassette player even though the radio works great.

I have the sloshing water problem, but have found out how to remedy that. Just don't park on a hill in rainy weather especially if your drain holes are plugged up.

Other than that I have not had any problems. I don't know what was done by the prior owner, no records of any repairs.

General Comments:

I love the looks of this car to the point I will keep it regardless of the water problems. I live in Oregon too.

It handles great, I do believe the struts need replacing because of the uneven bounce after going over bumps, but that's all.

I have had the brakes replaced, and the brakes seemed spongy when I first got it, but I think I wasnt used to it after driving a different rig.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2008