2003 Chrysler Sebring Convertible LX 2.7L 6 cylinder from North America


In my experience, this is a very good car. The best value for the money


Not many issues with this car, except once when I had to replace the head gasket.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable and spacious.

It feels luxurious with its leather automatic seats, 6 CD changer and everything power.

I like to drive it with the convertible down when sunny; a lot of fun.

It gets 26 MPG in the city, which is pretty good.

With its 6 cylinder engine, it is very fast.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2013

30th Jul 2013, 19:31

I would have to agree with you. I own a 2001 Sebring LXi Convertible, and it has been one of the most enjoyable vehicles I ever owned.

Chrysler certainly got the styling dead-on right on this generation of Sebring convertibles. They may have borrowed a few styling cues from Jaguar, but this Chrysler has classic styling in its own right. I still like to just stand in the yard & look at it, with its absolutely timeless & drop-dead gorgeous styling. Its still brilliant & shiny black paint, black top, gorgeous taupe interior & the knock-out alloy wheels. After almost 13 years, it still looks nearly new and drives like an absolute dream.

Of all of the convertibles that I have owned, this one does everything well - smooth quiet ride, fantastic stereo system, good handling, great gasoline mileage with plenty of power from the silky smooth 2.7 liter V6 coupled to a buttery smooth shifting 4 speed automatic transmission, and it also has plenty of room - even the trunk is quite large. For those who make jokes about Sebrings being the ultimate 'rental-fleet car' or putting down Chrysler's quality, it is apparent that these people never drove a Sebring convertible, let alone owned one.

Continue to enjoy your Sebring. I hope to enjoy mine for many, many years to come.

8th Jan 2017, 05:13

*Only* a head gasket! Just a trivial wear item, really.

8th Jan 2017, 05:22

I had the misfortune of driving several Sebrings of this generation, and will still attest to them being as bad as their reputation suggests. The interior is obviously cheap plastic, and it develops rattles within 50k miles. The car understeers horribly, and its body shakes and flexes over the slightest road imperfections. And then there's the reliability nightmare that is the 2.7 V6...

2003 Chrysler Sebring Convertible from North America


It's the worst one I have ever owned


I had owned the car for barely a year when the transmission blew and I had to have new one put in.

Since then I have had to have the rear window motor replaced, the gas sensor replaced, another motor, plus a few more small items repaired.

Now it's sitting in my driveway awaiting a new top, because even though the top is in perfect condition, the rear window just fell out. Not a big deal I guess, since it won't run anyway.

Waiting for the service dept to call me to tell me that my new ignition part is in, so it can be put in.

I have never been as disappointed in a car as I am with this Chrysler Sebring Convertible. I will never purchase another Chrysler, and have warned all my friends against them as well.

General Comments:

I don't like Chrysler, and would never purchase another.

The people that work in the one I purchased mine from, didn't care once they had their money, and to me that's not a good way to do business.

I have had repeated issues with the car, and although I take especially good care of it, was made to feel that it was my fault, even though people that worked there stated they had the same issues with others that owned the same car.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2010

17th Sep 2013, 18:31

I guess I have had the opposite experience with my 2001 Sebring LXi Convertible.

Having owned many 'premium' cars, including high-priced European convertibles, I was & continue to be pleasantly surprised with virtually everything about my Sebring.

It is quiet, comfortable, smooth, roomy, reliable, powerful, and gets unbelievable gasoline mileage.

I'm averaging 25 MPG city, and well over 30 MPG highway.

I do take very good care of my cars, including caring for the exterior & interior with frequent cleanings, waxings etc. and even though it is 12 years old and nearing 100,000 miles, the original Brilliant Black paint looks fantastic, and the lovely Taupe leather interior also looks nearly new. Perhaps I got lucky, but I never expected it to hold up this well. I know this is a matter of personal taste, but I believe this body style is drop-dead gorgeous and the interior is very attractive as well. I love the exterior styling of the 2001 Sebring, as Daimler-Chrysler seemed to "borrow" heavily from the styling of the Jaguar XK8.

I hope to own this car for many, many more years to come, but when the time comes that I have to replace it, I would not hesitate to buy another Chrysler Convertible, as long as I can get one with a fabric top - as I'm not a fan of the hard-top convertibles. I appreciate the styling of a 'ragtop', and love the fact that I have an nice large trunk, and a convertible that is roomy enough for 4 adults.