30th Aug 2007, 15:59

I'm getting this car in 2 minutes. ebay rocks!!

26th Nov 2007, 09:38

Congratulations! You now own the car with the lowest trade in value of any car in history! When you drove it off the lot its value went down about $12,000...Still a good car?

4th Feb 2008, 21:36

I'm sorry. Did you buy the car? Is it your money? They drove the two cars they were considering and picked the one they liked. Why are you so upset about it? Hey guys enjoy your convertible!

25th Apr 2008, 00:15

I find the resale comment VERY hard to believe. I bought a 2007 Chevy Malibu for about $20K new and just recently was able to dump the pile of garbage for a lousy 7 grand with 17000 miles of it. What a waste. But I just recently saw an ad for a 2005 Sebring Convt. with 60K miles on it for $14K, so it can't be that bad. Anyways, ENJOY!

14th Dec 2008, 14:45

They aren't bad cars, but I wouldn't buy one new because the deprecation is insane.

In Nov of 2008 a family member bought a slightly used 2008 Sebring convertible. It was a former rental, only 9 months old with 17,000 miles. It's a base model 4 cylinder with vinyl top and cloth seats, certainly not as nice as the Limited retractable hard top, but she paid only $11,600! Considering that the MSRP on this base model was $27,300 only 9 months earlier, she got a good deal for a car with remaining factory warranty and she saved over $15,000. (Imagine losing $15,000 in only 9 months?? Ouch!) Even it she drives it for 3 years and 50,000 miles and it's only worth $7000 on trade, she got a good deal. Heck, I might buy a used one for that kind of value!

BTW, this 2008 is a much improved over my old 1996 Sebring JXi. The 2.4 liter 4 in this 2008 has as more snot than the 2.5 V6 had in my JXi.

2nd Jun 2009, 16:50

The MSRP is really not a good starting point for calculating initial depreciation. When was it the last time a car was sold for MSRP? The first year Mazda Miata maybe? Most new cars are sold with plenty discounts and rebates.

3rd Jun 2009, 02:06

"The MSRP is really not a good starting point for calculating initial depreciation"

MSRP goes into the formula used to calculate lease payments. That is one reason it is artificially set higher than what the car companies expect any one to actually pay.

11th Jun 2009, 22:23

I bought my 2006 touring new and have loved this car! I have over 60,000 miles on it and have driven it through much of the mid-east. A beautiful red with black soft top. No problems other than the leaking on the floor board when it rains, and that is an easy fix.

I would most definitely buy this car again, but I won't have to because I am keeping it forever.

Oh, side note... a friend of ours was in the back seat when the top was being raised. Evidently he had his elbow in the way and the glass window broke. He was not hurt, but it was an expensive fix. We make sure everyone is out of the back when we raise the top these days.

17th Oct 2010, 17:31

I too have rented several 2006 Sebring convertibles on the road as a traveling Sales Manager.

The first time I had to accept it as it was the only vehicle they had left to rent, which did not sit well with me because it was like zero degrees outside, in the mountains, the high would not get much above freezing, and I lived on my cell phone so I was concerned about wind noise. To my amazement there was no wind noise, the heater kept the car toasty on low fan speed, and it handled and rode like a dream.

I instantly was so impressed I rented one again when I went to Florida on vacation. Again 32 MPG with a V6 driving to Key West and an awesome car.

When we returned home I found a 2006 Touring model with leather interior in September 2006 with 9000 miles on her which I negotiated for $16K. I still have the car four years later with zero issues and still a pleasure to drive. We live in a National Forest area and often ride with the top down in the hills especially during the fall for the leaves changing.

I have also heard of the horror stories concerning the 2.7 V-6 in previous model years especially in the Intrepids, and after researching, it appears Chrysler silently addressed this in late 2005 prior to the 2006 model. I run Mobil 1 synthetic in it and always have, so far so good, perfect performer.

I have also rode in the 2008 and newer models and prefer the 2006 hands down. I recently divorced and I got the car as part of the settlement. My new girlfriend, who is my same age, simply loves the car as much as I do. We look forward to taking the Sebring out every chance we can with or without the top down!

4th Jul 2011, 15:29

The low resale is great! I love my Sebring; it's not perfect, but no car is. It's a little low on power, but I didn't buy a race car. It gets good gas mileage, and we have had zero problems with it.

I wish people would stop scaring others; it's a great car, and fun to drive. Our friends have a 2005 with 185,000, never one problem. We have 92,000 miles. It's a fun car!

8th May 2012, 17:30

To the commentor who would have went with the Mustang - that's your choice and your right, however there are plenty of very satisfied Sebring owners out there, and I count myself among them.

My Sebring has no body flex or "cowl shake", gets well over 30mpg on the highway, 25-26 in mixed driving, has front wheel drive (which is a must here in New England winters), plenty of power, and a lot more room than a Mustang.

So for me, the Sebring is a more practical choice.

2nd Jan 2013, 00:49

There are many reasons to prefer a Sebring or a 200 convertible over a Mustang. One big one is that two adults can actually fit into the back seat of a Sebring/200 convertible. A bit cramped, yes, but it is possible. In a Mustang only very small children and baby seats can fit in the back seat, because there is nowhere at all to put your legs. Also, the styling on a Sebring/200 might be preferred for a more mature and sensible look, and only slightly flashy.

I haven't noticed much body flex in my 200 convertible. Maybe that's something that will come down the road?

Now, you Mustang lovers, don't get me wrong, I think that the Mustang convertible is a fine looking car, and certainly is a lot more flashy and has a more powerful engine (certainly the V8 does anyway). I like both, and it just depends on your needs and your tastes. It's just that I don't think that one is head and shoulders above the other.

2nd Jan 2013, 12:06

Count me as one who definitely prefers the Sebring over a Mustang convertible. Now if you were talking about a totally stock mint condition '65 Mustang, well that might be another thing, but I'd be afraid to drive it :)

7th Sep 2018, 22:38

MSRP has nothing to do with the cost of a lease. A leased vehicle's price can and should be negotiated.

No one should pay MSRP. It's a suggested price. I suggest paying less.