2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LX 3.0 V6 from North America


This B**** got swagger


Well at 56,000 miles (6000 after I purchased the car) the transmission went out. Repair cost were $3,500 and I also had the mounts replaced.

Front right motor mount had to be replaced at 100k.

Had to replace the drive axle at 80k.

Break pad broke up on me at 70k (due to extreme heat)

New radiator at 80k.

A/C compressor replaced at 70k.

All struts and shocks replaced at 100k.

Total repair cost: more than I paid for the car!

General Comments:

I bought this car in Feb of 2009. And it is now Feb of 2010 so I feel after a year of ownership I can rightfully write a review of the car.

First off, I LOVE my car. I realize that I have put more money into the car than I should have, but nothing is ever perfect, and I have put my poor lil Sebring though a lot of torture. I bought the car in Arizona, so she has suffered thought the hottest of the hottest summers (125F), and I spent the last winter in Iowa, so she has seen her fair share of snow and ice. Even on the coldest day (-20F) she started right up :-)

I have driven this car across the country twice with no problems. I have put 50,000 + miles on her in just a year. I have kept up with all the maintenance and then some. She has only left me stranded once, and that was the transmission issue, but we got that all taken care of. The A/C blows ice cold and the heat blows super hot. The tinted windows help when it gets over 115F down in Arizona ;-)

Overall I think the car is a great. It's super sleek (mine is white with dark tinted windows), it is a 2-door and does qualify it as a SPORTS CAR, so don't complain about no space!!! For a sports car, it does have a lot of room. I have sat in the back seat on long road trips and have had NO PROBLEMS! (love the stadium seating BTW) And parked next to my 2005 Ford Explorer it's about the same length. So it's pretty large for a 2 door. The trunk has lots of room too.

As far as the motor goes, I think it's pretty legit. Mine has the 3.0 V6, so it gets up and goes when I need it to, but the car acts kind of funny at low speeds. Almost like it doesn't like to go slow. I have had some issues with the RPMs while driving on the interstate at speeds about 70mph. If I had the cruise set at 80mph and I have to click it off to slow down to about 70mph, and then I click it back on to speed up to 80mph, the RPM goes almost to the redline and it stays there. It gets a little scary sometimes! But never any serious issues.

The car rides AMAZING. I do splurge on the tires I put on it, so I know that helps a lot, but every person who has ever driven my car, and ridden in my car, says how smooth it rides. She is 9 years old and has over 100k miles, but she rides like a brand new car.

As far as the inside of the car goes, it's the same as an Eclipse, but it has a touch of class to it. Wood grain and nice finishes help. The one cup holder is kind of annoying to deal with. There are 2 cup holders in the back though.

The doors are SUPER heavy, I've gotten some nasty bruises from the door closing on my leg(s), but that's life I suppose.

I think as much money as I have put into the car, I could be driving a much nicer car, but I choose to keep this car because I know it's a safe car. Yes I did crash it into a truck going 40mph, but it held up just fine and the insurance company even fixed it! With a 6k estimate!!!

It's super sleek and sexy for being 9 years old. And I do enjoy all the looks I get while driving it :-)

It does AWESOME in the snow, took it on a 6 hour drive, in the course of that drive, 18 inches of snow fell and there were trucks and SUVs in ditch left and right, but me and my lil Sebring made it home nice and safe.

I driven her from Las Vegas to Mexico on a day when it was over 115F and had the A/C blasting the whole way, and she handled it like a pro.

I commute 53 miles (one way) to work so gas mileage is REALLY important to me. So I make sure I keep my tires properly inflated, I did get a fuel system maintenance service performed at 109k and I use the premium gas (in Iowa they put ethanol in their gas and that's not good for older cars, and it KILLS your MPG, so I use the good stuff and IT DOES IMPROVE YOUR MPG by 3MPG, trust me) and I average almost 28mpg on the highway, and that's not too bad for a 3.0 V6.

I strongly feel if anyone should be complaining about this car, it should be me (I've put almost 5 thousand dollars into repairs in just a year), but I LOVE my car. I have put her through more than any car should have to go through. But I do get her detailed once a week, so she always looks clean and brand new.

Sure I've wasted my life savings on repairs and what not, but at least I know for a fact when I go to get in my car, she is going to start, and get me from point A to point B safely without breaking down.

I could sit here and write a book on reasons not to buy this car. But THIS car is MY car. And she has served her purpose with me. And I plan on driving this car till she has over 250k miles on it. And if that means I gotta put another transmission in it, then so be it.

BTW my last car was a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, and I also own a 2005 Ford Explorer Limited. And my Sebring blows them both outta the water ;-)

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Review Date: 5th February, 2010

15th Apr 2010, 05:48

Well I'm glad someone agrees with me about the car. I just drove her across country (again) and she is still doing good.

I'm actually looking into getting a new car, maybe another Grand Prix, but I will keep this car because the trade-in value blows and it's worth WAY more to me than $1500 bucks.

Hope you enjoy the summer with your car, and many more to come :-)

15th Apr 2010, 12:56

Well here we go again... "does qualify it as a SPORTS CAR"

I beg to differ, but even in the loosest sense of the term, the Chrysler Sebring could never be called or considered to be a "Sports Car". Sorry.

20th Apr 2010, 03:37

Okay you are right. My Sebring is not a sports car by any means (it weighs 3500lbs) and it does not have a 4cyl. It's a coupe. And coupe means 2 doors, with a 6cyl. Is what I was trying to get at is people complain about space, but it's common sense that a car with only 2 doors is not going to have a lot of room. But thank you for pointing that out, much appreciated.

3rd Jul 2010, 18:31

I have read the reviews that you guys have written regarding the 2001 Sebring. Your reviews sound quite positive. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2001 Sebring from my in-laws for $2400 (Canadian); the car has 95 thousand kilometers on it. Still a little undecided if the car is worth purchasing??

11th Mar 2011, 22:49

I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments. I'm 18 years old, and my grandparents just bought me a 2002 Sebring Coupe LXi. They bought it from a old man who's wife just died. I'm guessing since they were old, the car is in good condition. It has 75,000 miles on it.

This will be my 1st car. Wish me luck that my baby doesn't give me any problems. Sounds like it will be a great car for me (I loveeee driving fast :) )

2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LXI 3.0L V6 from North America


Great car, horrible resale value


Engine light is almost always on, bad sensor.

Trunk release latch no longer works.

General Comments:

I'm pretty pleased with my purchase of the 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI. It's plenty fast & I don't have any problems passing, handling is very nice, but it has a wide turning radius. Very comfortable & sporty lookin.

The car hasn't given me any major mechanical problems as of yet, just regular maintenance.

The car is fairly quick, MPG is pretty lousy, 18 city, 25 on highway. It looks sharp when cleaned.

Overall the only complaint is it isn't worth much, bad depreciation & resale value, will go with import next time, as that is what I wanted initially, but credit wouldn't allow at the time.

And the engine light remains on; I think that might be a feature, nothing a piece of tape won't fix.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2009

20th Apr 2010, 03:41

The latch on mine broke too, and I thought it WAS broken, but there is a little white switch on the inside of the trunk where it latches on to the car, and flip that little latch up or down and your trunk should function again if that's the problem. Took me 4 months to figure that out :-P Hope that helps.