26th Oct 2004, 11:47

I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring that I bought used at around the 26,000 mile mark. I have apparently been very fortunate so far:

40,000-EGR valve replace (extended warranty)

65,000-EGR valve replace (extended warranty)

Then, it got ugly:

67,000-O2 Sensor demons attacked me, had to be replaced several times, costing hundreds of dollars each time.

76,000-EGR again, bought repair manual and with shaking hands, followed instructions to clean the valve. Miracle: have never had another EGR problem since (Knock on Wood)

Around the same time, my sunroof started leaking. Dealership does not fix this problem, even when your standing there with your wallet open. Had to relocate to the desert one year later--lucky me! No real rain threat!

80,000-Learned to replace those darn 02 sensors on my car myself. Replacing all of them, including the special tool price, was cheaper than going to the dealership to find out which one was bad, and including the cost to replace that one. Somehow, once I changed them, they have been fine up through 127,000 miles and counting (Knock on Wood)

97,000-Transmission went out. Was told by dealership that this was a little odd, and that it should have lasted longer, but still had to pay $2000 to fix. Also, now differential is making noise (?) But was told this was not a part of the transmission, and would cost $1000 to fix when it goes out. I'll wait till the tires no longer roll.

120,000-Water pump, several hoses, spark plug valves leaking oil. Cost: $900.

123,000-A/C sounds like dying cat. Compressor out, decided to go with aftermarket parts and trusted mechanic instead of dealership. Savings of $1500 :) total cost:$500.

126,000-Front and Rear rotors changed. CHEAPEST PIECE ON THE DARN THING!! Add brake pad replacement $300.

127,000-Still going; however paint is in terrible condition, as Chrysler changed paint suppliers a few years later when they realized the junk they were using. Pondering over repainting it (More money!!) Additionally, have gone through 2 front ends, because of lower lip hitting speed bumps and common road dips. An inexpensive bra can mask this problem quite nicely.

Overall, would you believe I still like my car? Maybe it is the paid off title sitting in my file cabinet :)

For anyone keeping their car, there are aftermarket parts and accessories coming out to make life with your Chrysler a little more cheaper and enjoyable.

7th May 2007, 18:32

I bought this car about a year ago and it had 70,000 miles on it. Since then it has brought me problem after problem. I have also had the problem of having to replace the brakes constantly. The side panels have come off, it has been incredibly difficult to find the parts to reattach them. Had to replace the O2 sensor twice, spent about a thousand dollars on repairs just so it would pass the emissions test. The outside driver door handle broke off. The passenger seat window's screw came loose so I can't put the window down if I eventually have to put it back up again.

28th Apr 2009, 20:58

I guess buying my 97 Sebring LXi coupe was just up my alley. I am a mechanic and do my own work. I bought my car used for $300.00, not running, and needing a distributor. I have replaced the distributor, the radiator, all three O2 sensors, the anti-lock brake module and relay, the rear view mirror and the steering rack in it. After all this it is running fine and I love driving it. As to the total expense, that I have in the car, it is a total of $700.00. Not bad for a car like this, I guess they are just cars to be owned by mechanics.

3rd May 2009, 16:06

HATE IT HATE IT!!! I have a 99 Sebring LXI and have all the same problems, but more.

The car won't run when it's raining. Took it to multiple people, all said is they don't know what's wrong.

Goes through 2 sets of tires a year.

The power window panel on the drivers side keeps falling in.

The wires that attach the alarm to the lock have fallen off and won't stay on, causing me not to be able to unlock the car with keys.

The check engine light will not go off for the last 5 years, and nothing is wrong with the car.

I bought the car for 10,000 with 40,000 miles on it, and I have put about that much in the car to keep it running.

I put about 4,000 miles on it a year because it will not run in the rain.

24th May 2009, 14:10

I bought my '97 Sebring LXi coupe from the 2nd owner with 69,000 miles. She had a small accident, I had to replace the right headlight. None of the junk yards had the part, so I had to buy an aftermarket light. The left one was dull and the aftermarket right one was clear and shiny. No biggie. The transmission howled and whined from day one. My daughter calls it the "tattle tale car" The trans wine sounds like "Ewwwwwwwwww, I'm telling Mommy..."

Trans whine aside, the car served me well until 85,000 miles... The wheel bearings started humming, and with the trans whining it was getting hard to hear the stereo, which by now was down to 3 speakers.

At 86,000 miles I heard the brake sensor scraping... I had pads installed to keep it cheap, I knew the end was near... I started shopping for another car... I was going to put it on Craigslist, then the water pump started leaking... $430... for a water pump? WTF?? It's a Chrysler! I heard you can sell cars at copart.com... and it's as-is... That's where it's going... I'll let you all know how much it brings.

13th Jun 2009, 13:23

I've owned my 97 Sebring LXi for 6 years and about 65,000 miles, and other than regular maintenance I haven't had a whole lot of problems. I've replaced the O2 sensors, the water pump, and spark plugs. I think most of the problems noted on this website could have been avoided with regular maintenance... you can't just bring your car to the shop when something goes wrong. I love my car and with 153,000 miles on it, it still runs pretty well. No complaints here, this car has been really good to me! BTW, for anyone who doesn't know, parts are not everlasting, you do have to replace them sometimes. Don't get mad because you or the previous owners don’t know how to take proper care of your vehicle.

23rd Jul 2009, 09:03

I can't believe all the problems everyone is having! Bought my wife a Candy Apple Red Sebring JXi convertible in 1997 straight from the showroom floor and we have loved it since. It currently has 297,000 miles and change. It has had very few actual problems. At 85,000 miles the transmission went out - $2,100. Alternator went out at 283,000 miles - $150. Other than that it has been normal maintenance. My wife loves the car and I can't get her to even think of getting rid of it. Very dependable and a joy to drive.

4th Aug 2009, 22:03

I've had great luck with my 97. Have had it for 5 years, put many miles on it, have have done little outside the usual. Sure, sometimes it needs a bit more money than I would like all at the once, but it's not new. It's still cheaper than buying a new car. Looks pretty slick too.