28th Dec 2009, 11:10

I have a Chrysler Sebring and it's the worst ever... I put so much money into this car, I could have had a new car by then... I so cannot wait til next year to purchase a new reliable car.

4th Mar 2010, 13:57

My 97 Sebring is the worst engineered car I have ever had. All of the above and more has been replaced. It is no wonder the employees of Chrysler wanted nothing to do with becoming part owners of the brand. I will never buy another Chrysler product.

Rick in MN.

19th Aug 2010, 01:23

First off, these cars are Mitsubishi's. Now that the air is cleared, I've had good luck with mine. I guess sometimes you get a lemon?? Best of luck to you all.

22nd Nov 2010, 08:13

1999 LXI currently has 138,000 miles. Originally bought with only 43,000 miles. I like my Sebring and for it only costing 5,100 when I bought it six years ago, I think it's served its purpose. Through the years I've replaced:

Brakes and rotors twice, a dozen or so tires, spark plug wires and plugs, timing belt, engine coolant flush and new hoses, and the distributor.

Other than that, the car runs fine and reliably and I don't quite understand how so many other people have so many problems while I believe my repairs to be routine maintenance.

Overall I'd give my car a 7.5 / 10.

If it were a different Sebring probably 4 / 10.

31st Mar 2011, 16:36

I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring, and I know how you all feel.

Here are a couple things I experienced and learned along the way.

Not too much trouble with brakes and rotors, but it only has 80k miles on it.

17 inch rims are a nightmare, constantly replacing tires... finally switched to 16's.

The sunroof leaks (if this really concerns you, get some silicone sealant and say goodbye to the sunroof). The windows frost on the inside, and I had to cut the wires and replace the rear view mirror after it fried and black ichor started seeping out of it.

The door panel used to pop off all the time... I bought new plastic body clips at a parts store (very cheap) and glued the SOB back on... it's stayed for years now.

Last year I replaced the whole exhaust... got it online for 700.. try amazon.com.

The engine just blew... timing jumped, had to have the heads machined, all gaskets replaced... cost me 1700!! Have been told this is a common problem with this style engine.

The low hanging front end is a PIA... have repaired it with a drill and some zip ties, you can't see them, it looks great!

My paint is still in great condition, the car looks terrific for her age... which is why I still have her.

Now the alternator is dying...

I work in a parts store (lucky right?) so I can tell you that you can find high quality replacement parts and save tons over dealer prices. Make friends with a really good mechanic or buy the Hayes manual... so many repairs can be done yourself, you'll be amazed!!

2nd Jul 2014, 09:44

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I was wondering if I should to buy a 1997 Sebring 2-door coupe with 141,000 miles. The engine runs great. Won't shift out of second gear. How much would it cost to fix the car? The people who are selling it are asking $800/obo. Please help.