2004 Chrysler Sebring Sedan Touring 2.7L from North America


Can be bought for a bargain; very reliable, decent on gas


Just minor stuff.

1. Alternator bearing is making noise (probably due to the car sitting a lot before I got it). It also doesn't help that the alternator is near the bottom of the engine bay, where it gets more moisture on it.

2. Front windshield leaks. I expect it was a shoddy seal job. It is not the factory windshield however... meaning it was replaced by someone.

3. Tire pressures keep going down. The car was driven in the salt before I got it, and I started using steel rims in the winter like you're supposed to.

4. CD changer displays an error message.

5. The power steering pump has a minor whine to it (also likely due to it sitting a lot before I got it).

General Comments:

Overall I've been happy with the car. It averages 23 MPG in the summer and 22 MPG in the winter with combined highway/city driving. It always starts perfect and I've had no engine or transmission problems.

I replaced the front brake discs and pads recently myself for about $60.

Oil has always been replaced before 5k with 5w-30 synthetic.

The transmission is slow to shift when it's cold, however that is just to help it warm up I found out.

The car has 190HP/torque, but the auto and the weight of the car mean it's no drag car; however it gets going and goes pretty well, and supposedly runs around 16.0 in the quarter (my 174HP Daytona Shelby will blow to doors off this car).

Also the car has an unnecessary 2 cat design and a pointless resonator. This only serves to hurt gas mileage and increase costs.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2014

23rd Nov 2014, 03:43

Oil changes <= 5,000 miles with synthetic oil = success with the 2.7 Chrysler V6 :)

2004 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LX 2.7 from North America


Nice handling, styling and driving position


68.000 km. Climate control blower motor stopped working on the low speed setting. Bought the part and installed it myself for $36.

111.000 km. New rubber bushing and tie-rod on front suspension.

142.000 km. Transmission starts hard downshift into second gear. My fault. I did not change transmission fluid since my warranty expired (60.000 km.). New transmission fluid solved the problem.

Things like wear & tear, such as brake calipers, wiper blades, etc.

General Comments:

I've been seduced by nice styling and 200HP V6 of Sebring. I did a test drive, and enjoyed the handling and performance.

The seats are comfortable and provide excellent lateral support. One of the best I've ever had. Side curtain air bags are built in.

My still looks like a brand new car. No corrosion, no dents in spite of the Calgary climate and Canadian winters.

I was hoping that Chrysler will come up with better looking Sebring model, and I was looking to buy it. Unfortunately, it did not happen. The new one is out of style completely, so I kept my old one.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2010

2004 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LX 2.7L V6 from North America


Worst car I've ever owned!!!


What's went wrong? Almost easier to say what hasn't gone wrong.

Engine seized at 113KM, so it sits in the yard undrivable as we speak. $2000 for a used engine, and that doesn't even get it installed! This is thanks to a known issue with the Chrysler 2.7L V6 and sludge buildup in the oil.

Other than that in the past 6 months alone I've done:

- Alternator $500

- Water pump $500+

- Thermostat (twice)

- Tie rods

- Struts

- Belts (all of them, one twice and it still chirps)

- Wheel bearing

- None of the windows or sunroof work thanks to the massive amount of electric problems.

- The fan doesn't work at all (fun on cold mornings)

Also of note the tires always are going flat because of the rims.

Overall very unsatisfied with the car, and will never buy another Chrysler again!

General Comments:

The 2004 Chrysler Sebring started off as a wonderful car, but at only 113KM (which is like under 80K miles) the engine seized thanks to Chrysler's horrible 2.7L V6 and the sludge build up in the oil.

If you see one of these cars, it may trick you at first because it looks quite nice on the outside, but I warn you, turn around and run! Run as fast as you can, because these cars are money pits! Check Google for 2004+Sebring+Sludge and you'll see what I mean, even folks who treated them with oil changes every 3 thousand miles have seized engines.

On a plus, the car is styled nicely and is quite roomy, and has good get up and go (however it's hard to take advantage of these things when at only 6 years old, the engine goes, and for the past year before that it was nothing but repair after after repair).

All I can see is stay away, and I've heard that Intrepids are as bad. The 2004 Chrysler Sebring is the newest car I've ever owned, and most expensive, but it's also cost me far more than any other car, and been far less reliable. My old 92' Buick was better than this, and in fact thanks to still owing on this junk Sebring, it appears I'll need to go back about a 92' once again!

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2010

13th Nov 2015, 01:15

Whoever wrote this is my hero!! My 04 Sebring is on its way to the scrap yard now. Hated that car from day 1. I had all the same problems you did. I owned it for 18 months and put 45,000km on it. I did wheel bearings, coolant pump and more electricals than you could imagine . Seriously never owning a Chrysler again! I was actually relieved when the mechanic called me and said the engine was cracked! I may be car-less, but I'm happy that thing is gone! Hope you didn't buy another Chrysler :)