14th Oct 2004, 14:55

I agree. This is the worse car I've ever had. As soon as the warranty expired, I had to begin spending on repairs. Replaced rotors at 45,000 miles and turned them six month later. Had to replace a tie rod at 46,000 miles. The dealer claimed the rack and pinion steering needed replacing as well, but another mechanic did not see the need for it. The car began jumping into gear and I had to pay the dealer $200 to reset some device that controlled the transmission. Something burned up in the fan and had to be replaced. I have spent nearly $1,000 in repairs in the last six months. I had planned to trade this in on a new 300M, but have changed my mind regarding Chrysler.

16th Nov 2004, 10:52

I own a 2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LXI and love it. I did have the brakes replaced at approx 22K, but I do a lot of in town driving. It has great power and handles extremely well. I have taken it on trips and no problems, great gas mileage. It is currently being looked at for a water leak, floor behind the front passenger.

All car manufacturers will have a few bad cars for a particular make. I recently had a 1996 Olds Cutlass Supreme, fully loaded, and it was nothing, but trouble from the start. I knew several people who had the same car with no problem. Sometimes it is just the bad luck of the draw.

16th Jan 2005, 12:08

I TOTALLY agree. When my Sebring had just 32,000 miles on it the engine locked up. I supplied the nearest dealer with receipt of oil changes (You KNOW it is always YOUR fault). I was without a vechicle for 3 months. Since then it has been nothing, but more problems. It is ridiculous that have to pay $439 dollars each month for this piece of crap! I am going to a attorney to file a lemon law and try to get some of my much deserved money back on this car. The Chrysler company or the dealer that I purchased the car at have been of no assistance. I am taking manners into my own hands. Here are all the additional problems I have had with the Sebring: DO NOT buy this car!

Transmission is slipping at 42,000 miles.

Interior panel lights are flashing.

Leaky rims which need constant air.

Popping noise when the steering wheel is turned.

Loud air sound from the front of the car which the dealers cannot explain.

28th Apr 2005, 13:22

The Crankshaft Bearing on our 2001 Sering LXi went out at 42,000 miles! Yes, we change the oil every 3000 miles.. without exception. Had to get a new (rebuilt) engine. Luckily, we had extended warranty. Previous poster mentioned a transmission slip. Our started to at 47k, changed the transmission fluid & problem was fixed. Will not consider another chrysler.

27th Jun 2005, 12:47

I have a 2000 SEBRING and my transmission just went out;which is going to be a very expensive repair.The mechanic said he has never saw a transmission go out with so little miles the car has 50,000/ I would never buy another product from these people. Then they want to know why people are buying foreign cars. My wife's car is foreign made and she has 125,000 on it and not once had any trouble.

3rd Apr 2010, 12:10

I have a 2000 Sebring Jxi convertible. It has been one of the finest and most enjoyable vehicles I have ever owned. Unfortunately I will never be able to afford to buy a new one. The secret to performance is regular maintenance done by a good professional mechanic that knows what they're doing. Being from Detroit, I know that occasionally there will be problems. Never buy a car that was built on a Monday or Friday; they're just sobering up on Monday, and thinking of partying on the weekend on Friday. Of course with the robotics, there are fewer problems. Chrysler had the technology to go with robots in the 1950's, but the unions said 'no deal', hence the Germans and the Japanese took advantage of the market place.

30th Jun 2010, 20:54

I love my Sebring! I've always bought them. :)

1st Jul 2010, 10:14

OMG, I have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring LXI Coupe, it has over 250,000 miles on it. I have had it since 2004, 6 years+.

I guarantee that you have to repair it how you drive it. I drove stupid and had to put two trans in it. OMG, you're the driver you know how you drive, whether you admit it or not on the internet is your own personal issues.

I however, have moded my Sebring out. I have re-upholstered my car in black and red, everything from the door panels to the carpet. I have Lambo hinges, a flip-flop trunk, and a Greddy exhaust system. I am converting from automatic to manual soon. Also for Sebring lovers or haters, a lot of parts are universal for our LXI coupe, from a 1995-1999, Dodge Avenger, Eclipse, and Talon.

I also have a dynamic sound system that will literally rattle the radiator loose. Seriously, personal experience. :) Please stop the negative comments, considering if you bought the car used, you don't know how the person drove it before you did. Even if you drive it "Grand-pa" style the trans might go out for that very reason. Also, the type, and who installed the trans or anything for that matter, might also be the reason for your mechanical issues.

You get what you pay for period. Have a wonderful, blessed day all!