1998 Chrysler Stratus LX 2.5 from Brazil


If you don't need insurance and want a side car, the Stratus is great


The battery ran out, only because the previous owner didn't replace it.

I had the windshield replaced, because it was cracked.

This car is a racer car... amazingly fast and powerful. Maybe that's the reason I thought was it overheating a lot... It might be normal. I was not used to this car, and that kinda impressed me in good and bad ways.

In Brazil, the insurance for Chrysler cars is very expensive, because we don't have any dealers here.

General Comments:


Very powerful acceleration, a racing engine within a cheap car.

So comfortable, a buddy told me you could have a romantic encounter on the back seat.

Virtually sealed and silent. In Sao Paulo we have a lot of traffic, and I didn't even pay attention to it when I was in my Stratus.

Great A/C.

So many features for such an affordable car.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2011

1996 Chrysler Stratus LE 2.0 from Norway


Good car for normal use :-)


ABS Sensors rear blew at 100000km.

Rear breaks, disc, handbrake has been changed twice first at 75000 then at 105000 caliper blew -The piston crack into small peaces, (no oil leak) but the brakes went HOT.

General Comments:

A lot of tire-noise in car when running.

Except brake problems there is no problems.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2005

1996 Chrysler Stratus LX 2.5 V6 from Turkey


Do not buy a Stratus


Where should I begin?

My air conditioner blew.

My distributor broke down.

My main module let me down.

General Comments:

I regret the day that I bought it. I could not use the car as long as my mechanic.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2005

25th Oct 2005, 14:27

I bought my Stratus at 200'000km, now it's 300'000 and it's in PERFECT condition!

25th Oct 2005, 18:47

You can't buy a vehicle with 345000+ km on it and NOT expect things to start blowing on it. Heck, even at half that mileage things are going to go.

With mileage like that I be shouting, "Go buy a Stratus!"

26th Feb 2011, 15:23

I agree with the previous comment.

Over 300000Km? How can you expect to even begin to fathom how the previous owners treated the car? I say you came off OK on that deal.

1995 Chrysler Stratus from Switzerland


Gaspump after 20000km.

Electronic of gearbox (Water from motor-washing) 180000km.

General Comments:

Good-feeling-car and the best I ever had. 328'000 km and still running, and running.....

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Review Date: 17th April, 2005

1998 Chrysler Stratus LE 2.0 SOHC from Finland


2.0 economic, suspension sporty


Head valve gasket blew at 65000kms, got new for guaranty.

Radio is complicated to use.

Remote control key went broken after 4 years of use.

Gas cap is badly designed, difficult to open with very small key.

General Comments:

Head lights are lousy.

Ride is quite rough because of the European style sporty suspension. handles well.

2.0 liter engine is economic, but not very powerful. I have reached low 8 liters/100km, and the pickup is done at approximately 11 seconds 0 to 100km/h.

Seats are good, but driver leg room is quite small for over 185 cm or 6" tall person.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2003

1995 Chrysler Stratus from North America


Do not buy this car!


This car has spent more time in the repair shop than it has in my carport.

Newest major problem is the transmission.

General Comments:

Buying this car is the worst mistake I have ever made. I'm a single mom of two and now the car sits in my carport collecting dust because I can't afford to fix it.

I wish I had found this website before I bought it.

The dealership is terrible for not fixing things and the help line for this company certainly offered no help whatsoever. I was told there were no major problems with the transmissions in these cars.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2002

6th Feb 2004, 02:47

Dear All.

Since the 30th of dec. 2003 I own a Chrysler Stratus 2.5 V6 24V LX from 1995. It is now the 6th of Feb. 2004 and in total I drove 4 days with it. Al other times it was in the shop.

The problem was the transmission. Sometimes when I was driving at 50 Mph it by it self shifted back to the first gear resulting in a lot of RPM's because of the 50 mph.

Today I will get my car and the shop repaired it in guarantee.

All other features of this car are great. I love it, but I hope never to have this problem again.

Success to all other owners.

Take care, Dennis from Belgium.