1996 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 3.8 from North America


Comfortable and sufficiently powerful, but not well built and not reliable


Transmission rebuilt at 95,000 miles.

Replaced power window regulators SIX times.

Various other electrical problems on a regular basis - drains battery, door locks inoperative, etc.

General Comments:

This car is extremely comfortable - that is why I have had four of them. However, I also went through 4 transmissions. I do mostly highway driving and use the Chryslers as a second vehicle for long trips or for light hauling as they are comfortable. But, my relationship with this manufacturer is over. The reliability is just not there and I am getting too old to deal with breakdowns.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2009

30th Aug 2009, 08:54

You replaced 4 transmissions? Why would you do that? After replacing the transmission for the second time, you should have sold the car immediately.

1996 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 3.8 from North America


Comfort for low price for seven years


Paid $6,500 with tax in 2003 for a used van - after a lot of shopping around.

We found the CD was not working. The radio works well even now. How can we replace the CD player?

Belt blew after one year. The mechanic said the belt assembly is not aligned. He put a new pulley system after it blew again in six month. No problem yet - after a "new" pulley - the mechanic installed.

Yes, it had a problem not starting if parked outside in the cold. If parked like a "baby" in the garage, it did start except on a few very cold days. This was a big problem & I almost lost my job for "having an unreliable car/transportation".

Oil leaks started two years - AFTER I used Jiffy Lube. Somehow JiffyLube starts ALL my OIL leaks in my previous cars too!!!

So, now OIL PAN leaks a bit. Mechanic said it needs a NEW oil pan when I am financially ready.

Transmission flush and oil change two years ago, and transmission pan leak.

Replaced starter plug twice because the van will not start. Mechanic said get a new key/starter assembly. The problem seem to be gone for the past two years.

Last month the "dashboard" mileage and gear light went off. I opened the dash board & then put it back not knowing how to fix, because it was all electronics - and suddenly it started to work!! (just good luck.. how long it will work? Do not know).

Bumper BOTTOM gets scratched and BANGED on all parking lots concrete stoppers while even small cars parked next to us seem to have a HIGHER clearance. It has split the bottom of bumper & looks ugly. No one can fix it except to put a USED bumper with labor for about $300.00 (I did not - just took to a 'smart' Korean Mechanic to glue using metal cloth and aviation grade hardener. Bumper looks OK from front now.

The seat warmer is causing the back to heat up too much & may be too much electromagnetism on the hips - feel sore.

The door seals - rubber tears easy & hangs out.

The passenger side "sliding" door lock is not working now for the past two years.

Windshield wipers worked fine when new wipers - but need to change TOO often & costly.

Coolant bottle had a hole three years ago - (or did the mechanic make a hole? Per my teenage son!! When I took it for oil change).

After every OIL change, the car seem to get a NEW problem.

The radiator blew two years ago & new radiator - about $600.00 with labor.

Water pump blew this year 2009 and new pump ($400.00 with labor).

Changed tires twice in the last six years because of the alignment which affected the tires! (mechanic said - holes).

I keep it tuned/oil changed every four months. About $50x4= $200/year. Insurance on an old car is LESS. About $800/mo from Geico (with good driving record - this included collision and unlimited towing within 5,000 miles).

Overall - we are happy - It can take seven people comfortably. Transported even our refrigerator after removing the back seat (It is off now because of GREAT cargo space). Brought my sons full size mattress in it & all college stuff in ONE trip. So, doubles up as a TRUCK.

Very handy to take seven suitcases to the airport when we all travel. Friends ride with us and their kids to hiking/picnics.

When far back seat removed can sleep at the back (Have a twin air mattress & read a book near the beach).

Not sure we will buy this if had more money. Good value for the price.

OK for a middle income working family with four kids - like ours.

When it does not start - then very frustrating.

Gas mileage is not good about 14-18 miles/gallon.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2009