1997 Chrysler Town and Country LXI 2.4 from North America


It's a big pile of junk


Solenoid repair 2 weeks before Christmas of 2009. $1400.

Brakes slow to respond. Causes entire van to shake like it has the DTs. Dealer said there is no fix for that.

Transmission blew on Friday. Dealer says it will cost $4500 to repair. Umm... no thanks. Van is a total loss.

General Comments:

I'm not super upset because I paid $2500 for a used van with 109K on it, but I thought it would last a little longer than a year. I religiously changed the oil every 3K, and only used premium fuel.

The dealership I took the van to had old records for the vehicle, because the previous owners also took the van to that same place. The repair guy told me the van had a brand new transmission put in at 80K. I thought that was great news. I shouldn't have to worry about it. Well, that was delusional of me. I read somewhere these vehicles cost $40K brand new, back in the day. Gawd, I'd be so steamed if I paid that much for it.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2010

1997 Chrysler Town and Country from North America


Would buy again


CD player 3 times fixed by dealers.

Transmission went to default.

Breaks are weak.

General Comments:

Brakes are weak and front pads wear out 5 times faster than the rears. Changed to bigger rear brake cylinders, and that took care of the problem, now have even braking and wear.

Transmission went to default second gear only at 44,000 miles. Disconnected the battery to reset the computer, and that took care of that problem.

Transmission stared shifting badly at 110,000 miles. Everyone, 5 dealers and 3 shops, said a new transmission.

Looked at wiring blue print and found shifting relays. Changed relays in fuse box and been OK since.

Squeaking fan belts, found too much run out in the harmonic balancer pulley. After 5 new belts in 30.000 miles, changed the pulley and fixed that.

Wife hit a deer. New $85 grille and 189.000 plus miles, and pretty sure I will see 250,000 as it uses no oil.

Change engine oil at 4,000 miles and oil filter every third time.

Change transmission oil every 50,000 using Amsoil.

Changed plugs and wires once. Air filter twice.

Belt tightener once.

Had one radiator fan relay go out.

Do all the work myself.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2009

1997 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 3.8 Liter O.D. from North America


This has been the best vehicle I have had, and I love it.


I have replaced the headlights twice.

The transmission fell out exactly 2 years from the date I purchased it, which cost $16OO.

The rear hatch glass shattered into thousands of pieces for no reason, which cost $150.00 to replace. After replacing the glass, the rear wiper fell off. I have yet to repair it.

Prior to the back wiper falling off, the front wipers ceased to work. I am still trying to diagnose the problem with them so that they can be repaired.

The door locks lock and unlock whenever they please, as if someone is pressing the lock button.

I have had to replace the fuses quite often.

I had to replace the battery, wires, and contacts.

The rear hatch doesn't want to close sometimes. It takes an extra couple of times opening and closing before it finally closes securely.

The leather seats have cracked and worn severely.

Before buying the van, the previous owner had it steam-detailed and cleaned. The CD player hasn't worked since (it worked before).

The rear-view mirror fell off a few months after I purchased it.

When it rains, water leaks in around the digital information display on the interior roof top, soaking the carpet in front of the audio and heating/ac control area.

The rear vent windows are a gamble; sometimes when I open them, I can't get them shut and sometimes they just won't open at all.

General Comments:

Even though there are some problems with my van, I have had the sense to realize that things are going to deteriorate with age and use. Having bought my van when it was already 6 years old and having over 100,000 miles on it, I expected that there would be something that I would eventually have to replace. I have no problem with this; it's just a fact of life and the chance you take when you buy a used vehicle.

Considering the fact that I have wrecked and totaled it, salvaged it, and totally and literally rebuilt it, I would say it's been worth every penny I put into it. It has been driven really rough but has gotten me where I needed to go.

Although it may look ragged in spots, is in need of a few aesthetic and mechanical repairs, it still runs and handles great, while giving me roominess and comfort every time I get behind the wheel.

My van doesn't burn a lot of oil, doesn't leak fluids underneath, and I haven't had to replace the brakes, pumps, belts, or any other parts so far... knock on wood! I plan on driving my van for many years to come.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2008