1997 Chrysler Town and Country LX from North America


A Money pit!!!


Crazy windshield wipers, they came on all the time by themselves. Dealer replaced something, but it was too late. wipers moving across a dry windshield cause scratches which the dealer does not care to know about.

It Has stalled ever since the fuel rail recall. Had to have it towed once and they could never find the problem. The Galloway, NJ dealership can never replicate any of the problems, they just try to sell me a new one. I bought a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty that covers nothing!

The front end makes noise and wobbled for 2 years before I took it someone else, it still acts funny. Chrysler could never find the problem.

The service engine light is on, won't go out, everything has been checked. It is serviced every 3,000 miles with synthetic oil.

The interior rear cracked, the right passenger door mechanism had to be replaced, it wouldn't work and that door sticks all the time.

After 1 year some cooling hose broke.

After 3 years the transmission lines leaked. The Head gasket valve cover leaks. The rear main seal leaks.

The front lights are all fogged from the inside, almost as if they are scratched from the inside, so they look bad.

The rubber gaskets on the door constantly fall down.

I will never buy another chrysler product. I had the cirrus before, the trans went at 45,000 miles. The front ball joint cracked off at 20,000 miles. The dealer said they never heard of that happening before, 2 months later it was recalled for that very same problem. They cannot be beat for style and comfort, but they are the most unreliable vehicles I ever drove.

General Comments:

They cannot be beat for style and comfort, but they are the most unreliable vehicles I ever drove.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

16th Mar 2004, 09:31

We too have a 1997 T&C LXi with lots of problems. I would be curious to hear from others with these problems.

Brakes replaced several times. A loud creaking noise from under body when hitting bump, sharply turning, etc. Failed transmission lines. Failed starter. One sliding door lock only works manually. Replaced front struts. Tensioner faulty and belt slips off when it gets wet. Service Engine light stays on - they don't know why. Failed power steering pump.

Main concern right now is the loud creaking noise from under the vehicle - worried about safety..

17th Mar 2009, 13:12

I have 1997 T&C LX with creaking underneath. Mechanic just said it was my coil springs because they are still original ones. Just rusty, not going to fail, he sprayed WD-40 all over them, now they're quiet.

1997 Chrysler Town and Country LXI 3.8 from North America


Very Plush. Very, very good


Idler pulley froze up at 55,000 miles. Took out serpentine belt also.

General Comments:

This van is definitely the Rolls Royce of minivans for this era.

Noted the comment about bad brakes.

Must be that one van.

My brakes are excellent and as a matter of fact Car and Driver found stopping distance to 119 ft from 60 MPH. That is better than almost anything else out there including sports cars. That fits in with my experience.

The van averages 24.3 MPG at 70 MPH with A. C on. Very plush.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2003

1997 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 6 Cylinder from North America


Built for less than the cost of one payment


Air Conditioning Compressor replaced.

Hood Latch Replaced.

Ignition assembly replaced.

Leaks around sliding doors.

Power rear vent will not open on left rear, but if you open it with your hand it will close by the motor.

Center captains chairs now move almost to the point of swiveling.

CD player quit in the middle of playing a CD and never worked again, cleaning did not repair the issue.

Seat Memory has never worked right.

Shortage in Headlight Switch.

General Comments:

This vehicle when bought used was beautiful; unlike most cheaply built vehicles this one has the appearance of quality. Once you get three kids (all restrained in Car Seats) inside the van then things start coming apart quickly. While the interior was comfortable the power seats were clunky. For 11 months everything worked smoothly, then after not using the glove compartment, but about twice for maps. The plastic wires that stop it from coming completely down snapped. The headlight switch would, on occasion, cause all of the lights in the Vehicle to go out, the air conditioning compressor went out, alignment would never stay and tires were gone after 20,000 miles the leather seats wore faster than any other sheltered car I've ever seen. Several other mechanical issues that were quite a bit premature. These were, in most cases not warrantied or recalls. An expensive car to maintain to say the least.

Buy a Used car before buying a new Chrysler.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2003

3rd Aug 2007, 08:47

For such few and minor repairs, a car/van that took you 136K miles should warranty praise! Is there something that happened to the van that you didn't mention in the article?