2001 Chrysler Town and Country Limited 3.8L from North America


Comfortable; excellent for a minivan


Automatic tailgate broke six times in first year. Chrysler eventually created a fix. Seem OK ever since. It was a chronic problem with this vehicle until Chrysler put out service bulletin.

Heated seats broke four times in first two years. Each time required two trips to dealer. Work fine now. Claimed not to be a chronic problem with this vehicle.

New tires at 50,000. Not surprising.

New brakes at 50,000. Not surprising.

General Comments:

Very comfortable for a minivan. If you must have a minivan, this is undoubtedly the nicest one. Mechanically it has been reliable. The problems were the "luxury" features of heated seats and power doors.

Handles well enough. So far, this one has been reliable. My old T&C never had a mechanical problem in 120,000 miles. I had doubts about this one since it required so many initial trips to dealer to repair seats and power doors. For last three years has been just great, however.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2005

2001 Chrysler Town and Country LX 3.3 from North America


Poor quality and poor dealer support. Stay away unless you want an unreliable vehicle


Air conditioning went out at 31000 miles. I had received the extended warranty on the A/C system (known problem) The free repair cost $540.00.

Instrument panel lighting cycled on and off and the engine died at 42000 miles. Dealership found the problem from a corroding connector. (The factory hasn't heard of sealed connectors?) $280.00 bill at the dealer. The drivers side electric window will roll down, but will not come up unless you wait about one minute. This item has not been resolved. The battery died at 52000 miles (2.5 years) If you buy a really cheap battery you can expect about 4-5 years life. After the battery change, the check engine lamp went on. Calling the dealership, they stated that the car will have to be brought in to hook up a scan tool to reteach the transmission. (You can't change a battery without paying at least $90.00 for service?

General Comments:

I bought the Chrysler to save some money compared to the foreign brands. A lesson that we should all know by now is that you get what you pay for. The reliability of the Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth brands are horrible and I only hope that I can prevent another buyer from making the same mistake that I did. I have owned older Fords and Toyota's all my life and I will NEVER buy another Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth product again!!

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004

2001 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 3.8L from North America


The best family oriented utility vehicle I have ever owned or driven


The driver's side power window motor went out at 32,000 miles.

The battery died after only 24 months.

Some door and window seals have come loose after 40,000 miles.

At 56,000 miles the brakes developed a distinct pulsing when braking from highway speeds.

General Comments:

This van is very roomy and can carry up to seven with comfort and still have room for luggage and other storable items.

The engine has enough power for adequate acceleration and climbing hills even when fully loaded.

The seating and cabin design seems to afford more usable space then other vans in this class or even larger SUVs.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2004

2001 Chrysler Town and Country LX 3.8 from North America


Worried that after warranty goes that expenses will be high


Air conditioner leaking inside car on front passenger side rug. Dealer cannot find problem 5x so far.

Driver heated seat died within 1 yr. of new purchase. Dealer replaced seat element.

Gaskets in automatic side doors keep popping out. Dealer glued gaskets in.

Engine light kept coming on. Dealer reset.

General Comments:

Good looking van. Holding up with 3 little children.

Gas mileage could be a lot better.

Removable seats are too heavy for me, but better quality and more comfortable than the new stow it seats in the 2004 models.

Great sound system.

Love the compass and temperature gage in the roof console.

Love the automatic side doors and trunk doors.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2004

24th Aug 2004, 22:41

One possibility about the A/C leak in the passenger rug area. I read a website that stated that the evaporator drain tube was too short and while driving, the condensate would blow up on the car causing the leak that you described. The fix in the article was for the dealer to install a longer tube to avoid the problem. I will try to find the website and post another comment.