2005 Chrysler Town and Country Touring stow & go 3.8L Gas from North America


Stow and Go seating is the best. Also the most versatile car I've ever owned.


One of the Stow & Go seat cables snapped 12,000miles.

5,000 miles the Radio will stop playing the last half of Cd's on long trips after it has been playing for several hours. The dealer has never been able to fix the problem and says that there must be something wrong with my Cd's, even though it only happens in this car Cd player. I finally gave up on the dealer after 3 plus visits and now I've upgraded to a Cd changer.

4,000 miles The 2nd row stow & go seats fill up with water, and I mean fill up. Took 3 visits to the dealer to solve this one. Turned out one of the sunroof drains was disconnected causing roof run off directly into the stow & go seats.

Replaced front and rear brake pads at 30,000 miles.

General Comments:

This 2005 Chrysler Town & Country is the first new car I have ever owned. I still remember going to dealers trying to find just the right van for me. You see I wanted a Grand Caravan or Town & Country with the tow prep package, a sunroof, but with out the DVD system and without leather seats. It took me trying several different dealers, as a number of them could not find one with a sunroof and cloth seats. Finally I found a dealer that was willing to have one driven up (about 90 miles) that had what I was looking for. That was my last good experience with that dealer see the cons section for more about the dealer.


Since I bought the van I've done a number of upgrades I installed a class 3 trailer hitch, air shocks to help level the rear end when towing, transmission temperature gauge, K&N air filter, Cd changer and extra large transmission cooler.


Stow & go seating. I almost did not get the stow & go seating, but when I was trying to find the van I wanted the one the dealer found had the stow & go seating. On one cross country journey we drove about 1,000 miles with the seats down and stuff in the back when we got to our destination, we unloaded the van flipped up the seats and carted a couple of our friends around. Also very handy when out shopping and end up buying something big.

The stow & go seats are very easy to stow and unstow.

Roof rack is very nice to have when traveling or hauling boards, plywood or anything oversized.

Engine has plenty of power and gets pretty good gas mileage, 24 plus on long trips 3 people in the van and the back full of luggage most of the time and me driving 70 plus. Though with gas prices at about $3.25 a gallon now sometimes I think I should have gotten the 4 cylinder Caravan.

Great for camping. Three people inside, one Great Dane, room for luggage plus towing our TAB (a 12 foot tear drop travel trailer). Power is not a problem and the gas mileage is much better than the people towing with V8 trucks.

Very comfortable when traveling long distances. Plus there is room for an air mattress in the back so sleeping in rest areas is very comfortable.

Did I mention the stow & go seats. It is so extremely useful, I would not buy a minivan without them. Plus the in floor storage is a great place to store valuable stuff like laptops and cameras out of sight.

Power sliding doors on both sides and power rear lift gate. Controls on the key fob and the overhead console make operating them very convenient, both for passengers and when you got you hands full.

Sunroof. love it. Fell in love with sunroofs when I owned my last car. Very nice for added ventilation when traveling.

Overhead trip computer is very nice for instant information like direction, outside temperature, trip meter, and gas mileage.


Sliding side door windows don't open. Could be a problem if the air conditioning ever goes out on a trip in the heat. Another resin I had to have a sunroof.

Dealer was great at locating the van and during the sale, but very lousy at repairing it. I had a few minor problems that often took the dealer 3 or more tries to get it fixed and the Cd player I finally gave up on after four visits, I bought and installed a factory Cd changer myself.

Wears out brakes and tires fairly fast, about 30,000 miles out of brakes and tires, but part of that could be the way I use it, towing and hauling near the weight limits on occasion.

The bottom line is this has been the most comfortable traveling vehicle I've ever owned. Even more comfortable that my Oldsmobile 88. Whether traveling long distances or camping it is very comfortable. The stow & go seating is the best thing about the van and far more useful than I could have ever imagined.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008

2nd Feb 2009, 22:46

Out of all of the Review websites, I found this one to be the most informative. Despite some very strong opinions, posters seemed very honest about the performance of the vehicles. As a result, we purchased a 2005 Town & Country Touring. We have had the water pump replaced under warranty ($0), but everything else is very nice.



2005 Chrysler Town and Country Touring 3.8L from North America


Best buy for a minivan,


The only problem has been the power door locks.

Dealer Replace the BCM and finally sourced the problem to faulty door lock switches.

General Comments:

After having some older vans and needing something newer for long distance travel we decided to go for a Town and Country with the Stow-n-go seats.

This van has almost all options on it and was thousands less than a strip down Toyota or Honda.

After reading similar horror stories on problems with the toyota and honda I think the Town and Country is the better buy for long term ownership.

The seats are a little stiff, but the ride and drive is nice. It is a minivan and not a performance car.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2007