2013 Chrysler Town and Country Touring 6 cylinder from North America


Super versatile, good handling and comfort; you get a lot for your money


One recall for an oil pressure sensor, and just recently the electric door lock for one of the sliding side doors stopped working. Now we simply lock or unlock that one manually. Otherwise it's been trouble free.

General Comments:

The T&C rides and handles better than one would expect a boxy, large vehicle like this to do. Gas mileage averages about 21 around town, but 28 on a highway trip.

This baby is versatile! Need to pick up a 4X8 sheet of plywood or two? Fold away the seats and no problem. Then need to take 2 other couples with you out to dinner? Pop the seats back up and away you go.

One issue I do have is the seat comfort. The middle and rear seats are rather thin and, in my opinion, not suited for real long trips. The driver and passenger seat are better, but still not like sitting in your living room recliner. According to reviews I've read the new 2017 Pacific (formerly T&C) has rectified this problem as well as improved ride, handling, etc, etc.

Would I buy another one? Absolutely, especially after reading the reviews of the new models. If you've got enough self-confidence to ignore snarky remarks about 'mommy vans', these minivans are great.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2017

2013 Chrysler Town and Country Touring L 3.6 Pentastar from Lithuania


Best priced - all in one - typical american quality vehicle


Not much so far; pieces of trim falling off sometimes.

General Comments:

Generally not much difference from the previous generation. Of course - new engine, new transmission, new body and interior, but the recipe and weak points basically remain the same.

Roomy versatile minivan with a lot of features, but low refinement. Interior plastics still are cheaply made - mismatches, rattles, squeaks - you get all that.

The chassis is not that soft actually. Of course, with so much kerb weight and long wheel base it does ride quite smoothly, but generally the chassis poorly absorbs bumps and imperfections on the road. Every hit is passed on to the body and obviously felt inside. Despite the high profile tires, you do feel bumps quite a bit.

Stow'n'go seats of course is a very practical choice, however sacrificing comfort. The middle row is quite low to the floor, so you don't sit very comfortably. Headrests in the second and third rows are very spartan as well. Despite that, you get a lot of adjustability in both rows. And more importantly - you can place two 40L LPG tanks in the middle row seat wells - that is a huge advantage here in Lithuania.

The engine has more than enough power, averaging 12-13L/100km on a mixed cycle, or 15-16L of LPG. The transmission is quite rural - slow to respond, sometimes harshly shifting, but the very long ratio of top gear gives you comfort and economy while travelling.

Comparing it to its direct competitors - Toyota and Honda, Chrysler is much more versatile, cheaper, but a lot less refined. But if you're not a spoiled person, it will suit every need you might have buying a minivan.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2017

15th Jul 2017, 04:19

Liked the review. Your English is so good, you seem like you could be an alien in Lithaunia (I'm from the USA.) I owned one of the same for ~3 years. You inspire me to write a review of my own experience.

8th Oct 2017, 03:25

Solid, well thought out review.

30th Nov 2017, 21:17

Thanks for your reply!

One update: looks like the electronics are not on the strong side also. Maybe it has something to do with Fiat owning Chrysler, since Fiat electronics are pure pile of crap in all their models.

Remote key tends to misbehave sometimes, check engine and ESP lights coming on for no reason, blinker solenoid (or something which controls the rate of blinking) malfunctions from time to time... Buttons on the steering wheel - even though they click (when pressed), but the function doesn't always engage - you have to press them again harder. And don't get me started on that complicated radio-navi-CD-DVD audio-video system...

All this doesn't make life hard, but does interfere with your comfort from time to time.