12th Oct 2002, 21:02

Yes my fog lights were missing when I bought this van. 138K and the transmission has been dealer rebuilt, shifts good. Good power and excellent mileage on the highway. 25 MPG 3.8L.

16th Oct 2002, 14:53

My van has 192,000 on it. The engine is great, but like everyone else - transmission has been bad. Rebuilt at 47,000 under warranty. Replace at 130k. Needs work now. Yep - Fog light lenses are gone. Interior rattles. Gear box for rear window wiper has been replaced twice (plastic gears were a bad idea). The lift gate leaks around the bottom of the window and ruined the rear speakers.

All that said, it has filled my families needs for the 9 years we've had it and has been pretty reliable. I've seen worse from far more expensive vehicles.

29th Mar 2003, 08:38

Just bought used 1994 Town & Country. It is missing fog light lens and there is a rumble in the front end that I cannot figure out why. Any ideas?

22nd Mar 2004, 15:48

I bought mine used it had 150,000 miles on it, but I purchased an extended warranty. Warranty didn't kick in until I had 1000 miles and 90 days. The torque converter went out exactly 3 weeks after I bought it and I only had 114 miles before warranty would take over! Fog lamps are missing lenses also. Also the lights on stereo went out and CD player doesn't work and one of the speakers make a squealing sound. Otherwise (knock on wood) everything is pretty good!

24th Oct 2004, 13:36

What truley is the answer to the transmission problem?

12th Nov 2004, 10:53

The answer, as I see it to the transmission problem is to add Pro-Long aftermarket additive and change the fluid every 15000 miles. Mine was replaced at 45K miles and it has 112K on it now and is still shifting great. I've even towed a trailer with it.

Frank Pampiks.

5th Mar 2006, 16:19

Good side: Excellent leather seats front and back. Good engine performance and good gas mileage for a big extended body passenger van with 147,000 miles. This older body style also has more head room than the newer style which is important for me with my long torso. Never a transmission or engine problem except 2 water pumps.

On the negative side, a persistent body leak that has been really difficult to find. Too many electrical things, and too many pieces to the car in general. Some rattles. As a result of the leak, there is water in the car when it rains. The carpet smells bad when wet, so now we put a diaper under the carpet in the back when it rains. This persistent leak may now be causing some of the electrical problems in the car.

25th May 2008, 15:53

I have a Town and Country, and it has problems with the transmission. I have have 4 leaks in it and I have had it rebuilt two times.

It has 157,0000 miles on it.

I had a 1991 Ford van that I sold for 500.00 dollars for a down payment for this car that had 310,0000 miles, and still runs to this day and has 496,0000 miles, and my sister has only changed the oil.

7th Dec 2008, 11:11

We purchased our 1994 Town & Country Van in 1996 with low miles on it. Now, 2008, it has 149,000 miles on it and it has been a great reliable car, awesome All Wheel Drive in the snow.

The V6 engine has great power up hills at altitude and impressive gas mileage in town and on the highway for a large 7 passenger van (17 to 20 mpg). At 6' 4", I have lots of headroom and visibility.

We have been fortunate with no engine or transmission problems. Except for a period of problems with hesitation and stalling problems, it turned out to be the "mapper" sensor (Manifold Pressure/Vacuum Sensor (MAP), an inexpensive fix once it was determined.

The van is so comfortable we have had a hard time separating ourselves from it, long since soccer mom days are over. Removing the seats, it's worked as a great as a moving van and work truck. Add back the leather seats, including four captain’s chairs and rear bench and it's a luxury car comparable to the ride and feel of many Lexus that we test drove.

Troubles in 149,000 miles: Blew out (cracked) and replaced five fog lamps, rocks love the low position below the bumper. We replaced a heater core, understandable at 120,000 miles. We replaced a couple radiators, they're plastic. The sliding passenger door will freeze up in cold weather; the latch must be well lubricated. Some leaking around the front windshield, blame it on the windshield replacement guy.

While the transmission’s never had to be replaced, we periodically add a stop leak additive every couple years, always check fluid levels and do not change out the fluid anymore; we're told a change out could create leaks greater than the minor issue we have had.

All and all this has been a great family car for large parties, a terrific ski van for the mountains and the snow. Any comparable swaps are over priced and maintenance nightmares; by comparison, this has been a piece of cake.

17th Jan 2011, 18:49

I have owned a 1994 Chrysler Town & Country since 2007, bought it with 81k on the odometer, now at 117k, only problem was fuel pump, which failed on a cross country trip, but the van got me through the Arizona desert to a motel before failing!

Have driven cross country 3 times one time in temperatures as high as 114 degrees, never overheated, air conditioning is fantastic.

Drivers side power window is temperamental, will work for a couple of weeks and then will not lower for a week.

When I bought the van I replaced the shocks, struts, brakes, water pump and every coolant hose. Also changed both transaxles when one boot split.

Interior is in "showroom" condition, original owners were in their 80's, kept the van garaged. Seats are very comfortable, I treat the leather every 3 months, looks great!

Change the oil every 3000 miles, add 1 quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. Changed the transmission fluid and filter.

Although the van is now 17 years old, the original paint looks like it just came out of the factory. I polish/wax it every 3 months.

My friend has a 1991 Dodge Caravan with 160k miles, He loves it, it runs great!!