11th Feb 2008, 13:46

I have a 1996 Chrysler Town n Country. My right or left turn signals don't operate. This is what I've done: I've checked all my bulbs, the emergency flasher circuit works, all bulbs flash. I've replaced the multifunction switch and the combination flasher. I've checked the voltage at the multifunction switch connector; on pin 1, I get +12v that's for the emergency flasher. On pins 3 and 4 which are for the right and left bulbs with the ignition switch on and I get nothing. I'm baffled, any suggestions?

18th Feb 2008, 14:13

Well well well. I see that I'm not alone in my T&C dilemma. As of 2/18/08 I'm about to replace my transmission at 187,200 miles for the third time. I got off easy the last time with a 230.00 rebuild job from my local transmission shop; I may not be so lucky this time. However, besides the wipers nothing else has gone wrong. I do my own general maintenance and try to keep up with the little stuff. Oh, I almost forgot; I only have one heater/cooling fan speed and that’s full out. I just regulate it manually so I won't have to shell out more money. Overall, we have been happy with our investment, but I wish the brakes would last a little longer.

Good luck.

6th Mar 2008, 06:13


I am an owner of a 1996 Chrysler T&C LXI with 98500 miles only on it. I have read most of the comments posted on the 1996 T&C, and I am too very disappointed in Chrysler's products. I did go through some of the nightmares that you went through (possessed wipers (front and back), Serpentine pulley and belts, AC compressor, AC condenser and the AC Evaporator, Door Locks, Brake pads and rotors (I think they are small for the massive van), and the list goes on and on.

Chrysler can make a scary movie out of their minivans... an infinite sources of problems...

Need to see if anyone knows anything about having the alarm set light come on by itself. Sometimes we will lose the Tacho and the temperature gauge, while we are still driving the van. Does anyone know why would the Alarm set light come on while driving?


31st Mar 2008, 12:27

We have a 96 Chrysler Town & Country which we bought new 250,000 miles ago. It's had some maintenance issues similar to the previously mentioned. It also has some genius in its design.

My demon-possessed front wipers embarrassed me when they turned themselves on intermittently, particularly when they went on in the summer and smeared the bugs on the windshield. This problem went away when I changed out the multi-function blinker switch.

I've rebuilt the transmission twice to the tune of $1900 apiece. The transmission shop pointed out to me that the maintenance manual says to change the transmission fluid every 15,000 miles. That's a $70 procedure at the shop and I didn't believe it until the second expensive rebuild. Now, I change the fluid religiously every 15,000 miles. That may be the key, but the shop included some design improvements to enhance the fluid flow in the tranny, so a recall might have been an honorable solution. I've had several cars that the transmission worked fine with changing the fluid at over 100,000 miles, so that feature would have turned me away before purchasing this car had I known about it. It's my fault for not reading the manual before purchasing the car, eh? Experience enables one to recognize a mistake when he makes it again!

This minivan is great for comfort. With captain's chairs, I have seven seats that lay back so I could sleep six on a cross-country trip. The slider doors are innovative and the seat removal for cargo loads amazingly easy. I can do two captain's chairs at 45-pounds apiece and the rear 90-pound seat in about three minutes by myself.

The 3.8 liter engine is a winner. Twice, I've gone 100,000 miles with only changing the oil, oil and air filters, and the coolant water twice. My mechanics changed the serpentine belt each time they replaced the water pump, and the belt tensioner twice.

I'm grateful for some, by George, wonderful mechanics that have enabled me to keep this car running. I had battery acid leaking down into a computer in the engine compartment. The computer replacement was a $450 fix, and this problem went away by changing to the expensive no-maintenance sealed high-power battery.

My speedometer, tach, and temp gages have cut out on me several times recently, while the fuel gage and cruise control continued to function. My repair shop is focusing on the body control module, which I've changed once already. It wouldn't malfunction for them, so I'm driving it until I can take it to them in a failed condition.

The previous BCM change cost me $500 for a reconditioned BCM that wasn't warrantied. It fixed the main problem, but my rear window washer was a casualty and hasn't worked since. New BCMs cost over $1000, so I optioned to use the reconditioned one. The shop says the BCM is located under the driver's side dashboard behind the fuses.

Reliability is below Japanese car standards. I feel Chrysler has some design flaws with the blinker switch and the transmission. My Toyota's and Honda's have been less stressful and less expensive to live with. My wife doesn't want to change because of comfort. My mechanic and I are on a first-name basis because of this car...

25th Jul 2008, 11:34

I bought a 97 in 2002 and love it. It has over two hundred thousand miles on it now. I had to replace the compressor at about 150,000. Being familiar with Chrysler minivans from the beginning, as soon as I bought it in 2002, I changed the transmission fluid. That's the key. Change the tranny fluid every 50,000 miles on Chrysler minivans and you can save a lot of money.

25th Oct 2008, 12:07

My 1998 Chrysler T&C Minivan cuts off in the rain!!! This happens while I am driving in town or on the highway. When I get off of the road, I turn the key and it turns over but will not start. If I let it sit for 12 to 24 hours it starts right up. It died again at 7pm a week ago, on a Friday night... I tried starting it at 9pm; nothing. I tried at 11pm; nothing. The mechanic tried at 9am the next morning; nothing. He towed it 3 miles, to the garage; he tried again and it started right up!!! He had not even popped the hood. It ran great til last night... bad rain storm. Died on highway 17 while going 55mph. Wouldn't start. I going to try to start again at 1pm today. Mechanic says he can start changing parts, but he's not sure what to change. I know it's an electrical problem... BUT WHAT IS IT??? HELP!!!

23rd Nov 2008, 23:35

OBDII scanner reads random/multiple cylinders misfiring. P0300, but after it cools down an hour or so, it starts up until it heats up while driving. What is wrong? Anyone know?

It did this last night, but didn't restart and then today I started it, puttered a little, then drove it up on a trailer, then off the trailer like nothing was wrong with it. Done the plugs, wires, coil... what's next?