12th Mar 2003, 23:20

VF Pacers did not originally have mag/alloy wheels as standard so this car could not have been missing them.

26th May 2003, 01:25

With reference to the previous commenter's comments on mag wheels not being standard on the VF Pacer, the commenter is both right AND wrong. Proper mag wheels like the later Chrysler 5-slotters weren't available on the VF Pacer, but, using Chrysler-speak, " 'fake' mag wheel covers" WERE standard on both the VF (and VG) Pacers. Look through both Chrysler sales brochures for the VF Pacer plus the May and July 1969 issues of 'Modern Motor' and you will see that this is the case. Proper mag wheels came into the Pacer range with the introduction of the VH Pacer in 1971.

6th Dec 2004, 06:26

The VF Valiant is not a flawed Aussie muscle car as this review infers. The problems this reviewer experienced with their old VF Valiant were more indicative of poor care and maintenance on the part of the previous owner. The problems experienced were not ones that were originally a problem for new VF Valiants.

1st May 2008, 07:56

I owned a VF Pacer in 1972 it was a great car! White with a black vinyl roof. Of all the cars I have owned in the 36 years since, I miss the Valiant most. Great memories of a very reliable and robust car... Wish I still had it!!!

3rd Feb 2009, 21:23

In replying to the person who owned the VF Pacer back in 72. I point out the fact that Chrysler did not produce a VF pacer with a Vinyl Roof. It would have most likely been A VF Regal or perhaps VIP the VIP had 4 headlights, and was somewhat longer than a standard VF Valiant.

10th May 2009, 15:34

Does anyone now how many VF Pacers were built in 4 door? I can't find an answer any where. My email is lab_soldya@hotmail.com Thanks in advance.

4th Nov 2010, 22:09

I have just bought a 1969 VF Pacer. It has a 4 speed manual single rail gearbox, and the 245 hemi engine runs sweet, and has had the hardened rings etc treatment, so I can use normal fuel with no lead additive.

It has been 90% restored, the duco and body are spotless, the interior needs a little TLC, but I'm very happy with her.

30th Jun 2011, 07:27

VF Valiants originally had the slant six 225 engine (mounted on a slant) and Australia only had the big 225 Cubic Inch Diameter version, unlike the US that also had 2 smaller versions of the 'leaning tower of power').

VG Valiants and onward had the new straight six Hemi engine (Australian built) 215, 245 and 265 C.I.D.

Hope this is helpful :) Cheers, Jeff. A. Central Coast NSW Australia. (I have owned approx 250 Chryslers (mostly Valiants) and restored over 100 from the ground up)



30th Jun 2011, 07:38

After owning MANY Valiants of all models over 3 decades... I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT THERE SIMPLY IS NO BETTER OR MORE ROBUST/RELIABLE CAR THAN AN AUSSIE VALIANT! (including the awesome VF pacers) THEY HAVE JUST AMAZED ME TIME AFTER TIME!! 1960's/70's Aussie/US over engineering at its best, and incredible acceleration and handling from a standard car! Slightly modify one, and they are surely the ultimate all round car :)

30th Jun 2011, 07:41

ALL VF Pacers were 4 doors.