1985 Citroen 2CV Dolly 602 petrol from UK and Ireland


Awful. For hardcore masochists only


Brake linings wore down; an awful job.

Sunroof material split.

Severe corrosion to vent panel and chassis.

General Comments:

I bought this hoping to find out what all the fuss was about with the 2CV enthusiasm. Sadly I didn't get on with it at all.

Performance was more akin to that of a milkfloat; laughably slow.

It was not very easy to work on, with comedy handling and poor build quality. The chassis snapped on mine just behind the engine, and off she went to the scrappers.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2007

7th Apr 2008, 07:50

Really a shame that this car has gone to the scrappers, for less than €800 or or $1200 you can get a new rustproof chassis!!

11th Apr 2008, 02:08

Lol, you buy a 20 yr old car and then moan about rust and worn brakes. You buy it knowing it has just 602cc, 29 bhp and takes over 30 seconds to get to 60, and then you moan about performance...

What were you expecting?

25th Apr 2009, 10:05

Never good when you buy a bad car as you clearly did... Never had much in the way of problems with the ones I had and have. Great cars.

25th Apr 2009, 14:06

You need to understand the principle of a 2CV, and remember that it is a basic car, which needs maintenance, but anyone with sense and a workshop guide can work on one, especially with guidance from the excellent owners club.

A properly maintained example with a galvanised chassis and worn parts replaced will last indefinitely and give great pleasure - to complain about faulty brakes and a rusty chassis on an old car shows your lack of any research before buying.

It was a shame you scrapped it - if you had any sense at all, you would have put it on eBay or www.carandclassic.co.uk or www.2cvtv.com and got a good price for it, and helped other better guided owners to acquire parts or to replace the chassis. I bet that was what the scrapyard did...

Before some old bat in a Micra wrote it off, my 1988 2CV did a trip UK-Geneva-Rome-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam-UK in 15 days without any fault, driven flat out all day, and off-road over the Alps.

I just understood the car and prepared it well.

29th Nov 2009, 11:24

Shame you had such a pup, but don't tar all 2CV's with the same brush.