1990 Citroen BX 19 RD 1.9 diesel from Uruguay


Futuristic comfort


I had to replace the water pump for a new one at 160.000 km.

The dash lights doesn't work anymore.

The parts are very expensive.

General Comments:

It's a beautiful car, with a lot of personality and a "science-fi" look.

Easy to drive, is very comfortable for long trips.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

1990 Citroen BX 19 TZI 1.9 petrol from Netherlands


Big, relaxed, comfy, luxury bargain


Hydraulic tubes leaked

Rear wheel arm bearings worn

Front wiper and little stuff.

General Comments:

This model is the top of the line with all the electrical gadgets.

I only paid 500 euro for it, knowing about the rear wheel arm bearings (would cost 400 to fix). I took it to the garage to fix that and get an MOT and worried about the hydraulic oil that had to be filled up and up. In the end I got a bill of 1450 euro and fixed her all up. Now I just hope I can drive it for at least 2 years.

I love the suspension, it really floats and glides you through the streets.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003

1990 Citroen BX GTi 1.9 from Netherlands


A cheap comfy cruiser


Nothing extra-ordinary; the left front fog light corroded and was replaced.

The rear disc's were replaced at 115.000 Kilometres.

General Comments:

This car is more a comfy cruiser than a sports-car, it has plenty of power and will go fast when required.

Brakes (with ABS) work very well.

The automatic transmission changes gears very smooth.

However the dash and sunroof will rattle now and then. I'll just pop up the volume.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

19th Oct 2003, 02:31

The automatic transmission of my bx (previous car, I owned it for 6 years) was utterly reliable, nice, but NOT smooth by any standards. So, I dunno what you call smooth, but I would recommend you to drive another car with automatic transmission. You will notice the difference.

5th Mar 2004, 11:32

I'm the writer of this review.. I drove many automatics and at the moment drive a Daewoo Leganza with automatic gearbox; this transmission is 'smarter' but not as smooth as the BX ZF-transmission. My BX was well serviced and the transmission oil replaced regularly. I think your transmission was worn and/ or not serviced properly.

17th May 2006, 10:27

What happened to it thanxs.

1990 Citroen BX RD 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good long distance/for its price


Hydraulic pipe over clutch housing split and leaked.

Same again!

Hydraulic accumulator (green spheres) holders at the rear right side of the car corroded and leaked.

Lock seized with key in (hammer and violence removal job!)

The day I bought the car, both front suspension struts were leaking badly and I replaced them with ones from a lower mileage car at the breaker's yard - for some 40 pounds the pair, and at the same time replaced one lower yoke (front right hand side) which was worn.

Hydraulic pump replaced recently with one from the breaker's - 20 pounds.

Alternator replaced recently with one from breaker's - 20 pounds.

Dashboard light failed recently.

General Comments:

This is my second BX. They are comfortable and rather good for long distance cruising, especially when their extremely cheap secondhand price is considered. The BX is an extremely boring car to drive, but is practical and great on motorways.

I thrashed my last one - with my foot down doing 100mph across Europe frequently and for hours/days on end. The head gasket went at about 120,000 - after twenty thousand miles of relative abuse - but I can't complain.

What is wrong with the car is the lack of room to work on it. You need special tools for many jobs on the hydraulic system (to reach into awkward spaces), and/or suffer cut and bruised hands trying to reach parts other beers cannot reach: under the body, behind the engine etc. If the hydraulic system goes at any point, there is a loss of power steering, brakes and suspension.

All too often, small faults occur in the hydraulic system which mean a lot of hassle, as well as bearing the huge cost of replacing all the LHM (hydraulic fluid). I have used Mineral Hydraulic fluid from farm suppliers for a long time with no apparent detriment (can't say I recommend this to anyone, it's up to you!) to the car or its performance - this costs about a pound fifty a litre instead of a tenner, but can be hard to find.

The engines in these cars are great - economical to run and not too dear for spares, but they are HELL to work on. Fixing a small fault in one place can mean a huge strip down just to access it. Had Citroen made this car with just a little more space around the engine block and sub frame so that it and the hydraulics were more accessible to work on, they would have produced an outstanding, excellent car.

Note for those wanting to sleep in the BX - if you unbolt the passenger seat and the back seat, and lay the back seat where the passenger seat should go - along the length of the car - you will find an excellent padded bed is made - (for one).

I run my engine now on alternative fuel 'Bio Diesel' made from waste cooking oils and a solvent (an enviro-friendly one, of course!) - it works fine, with an oil pre-heating heat exchanger (heated off the the cooling system). But I do have to switch my glow plugs on and turn her over once or twice in the winter months, and it gets a bit viscous at temperatures under minus three degrees - i.e. a heavy frost - at those temperatures it needs more additive, or Diesel mixed in with it.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2003

7th May 2003, 05:16

Interesting artikel.

What is the name off the hydraulic fluid you mention much cheaper.

How do you make bio diesel


17th May 2006, 10:31

I don't agree with the part a boring car to drive at all!!!

But I do agree good on motorways.