1991 Citroen BX 4x4 Estate 1.9 petrol from UK and Ireland


Astounding, and only £150 :D


Head Gasket failed within 10 miles of buying the car.

Questionable electronic 4x4 selection: sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. Stuck into 4x4 mode for ages then would just go into 2wd mode.

Poor power delivery above 60mph, unusual considering it was a 1.9.

Leaked oil everywhere.

General Comments:

Sure, I only had it for a year, and it was a first car, but never again will I own such a fantastic car. The 4x4 was one of only 5000 I think, and for £150 it was fantastic fun, though I never put it through it's paces.

Wonderfully well specced, electric windows all round, good sound system and fantastic load carrying capabilities. The suspension was in great condition (bizarrely) making it the most comfortable ride I've ever driven.

Power steering was a bit overpowered, as were the brakes, but this was to be expected from what was in essence a luxury car (remember, I'd been learning in Fiestas!). Otherwise it handled like a dream, taking all those bumps in the road like they weren't there.

Eventually gave it to a relative, and I believe it's still in service. I'll never be able to afford another car like it!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2006

24th Jan 2010, 14:29

The BX 4x4 is a full time 4WD, and the selection is only for diff lock, and should not be put in when on solid ground. And yes they are guttless due to running the 4wd system. They should have made a 16v version like the Mi16x4.

1991 Citroen BX GTi 16V 1.9 16v from Switzerland




Gone wrong has nothing so far altough I had to fix all the things previous owners have ignored.

The car was destined for the scrapyard when a friend (previous owner) gave me the car for free.

Things I have fixed since are:

* Drive shaft (Reason for the scrapyard)

* Front brake hoses

* Handbrake cables (for MOT)

* New Brake fluid

* Oil & filter (always when you get a new car) now on fully synthetic 5/40

* Spark plugs

* Main sphere.

General Comments:

Seats are super comfortable.

Steering precise and lot's of feedback.

Engine pulls great and just keeps reeving higher and higher.

Car can look sad when neglected specially on the outside.

Interior is plastic, but when looked after not a problem.

Fun car a bit different and with all the 16V and other writing removed can surprise other drivers at times.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2006

1991 Citroen BX Meteor (TGD) 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


I wish I bought one 70,000 miles ago


Needed new spheres when I bought it. very easy and cheap job to do.

Pressure regulator leaked from the right-hand mounting bracket (as did a replacement from a breakers yard)

Rear suspension arm bearings completely gone! Running on the pivot shaft alone. This can be spotted easily by looking at the rear wheels from behind. If they point in at the top, then avoid this car! Another check is listen for any creaking from the back. I managed to do both sides using a repair kit for £24 each side. Although it took me two weekends and a lot of imagination to get the remains of the old bearing out. Apparently they tend to die at about 170000 miles so take particular care if buying a BX of that age.

Heater controls don't go all the way around and the heater valve has started to leak.

The de-mister fan switch is intermittent at best, even after cleaning the control wiper. The high speed relay has never worked.

Sunroof was loose, but easily re-tightened

Bit of a misfire under heavy acceleration

Power Steering unit has gone, leaking severe amounts of fluid out of the end. This can be seen by looking at the rubber gaiter - if it's split, don't buy the car as it could be the pressure from the leaking fluid has caused it to burst like mine! £350 for a reconditioned unit with £110 labour.

General Comments:

I bought a Citroen because of two main reasons - 1. the famous suspension system everyone warned me not to touch and 2. they do automatic diesels! There aren't many other auto diesels to be found at an affordable price.

I love the suspension system completely. My next car will be a Xantia as they too have this type of suspension. I have never experienced such an amazing system in all my 12 or so cart-horse suspensioned years. Speed bumps are a dream! What speed bump? Off road is something to behold too! Not the usual head banging body rocking experience of a standard suspension, no - this is smooth and undulating. They should put it on land rovers!

It rolls as much as an ordinary family saloon would, but glides along on a cushion. (if it doesn't - change your spheres!)

The whole hydraulic system is actually not as scary as most people would have you believe. It's the same level of 'scariness' as a standard hydraulic brake system - except easier to fix. If it is maintained, it will not go wrong (until parts wear out of course).

It's a shame I bought a BX in the twilight of it's years because I would have loved to enjoy it for many years rather than the few short months that I have. Unfortunately I bought one that had done 170,000 miles and so got the worn out bits no-one else has changed. I would suspect a 110,000 mile BX would be great, if you can find one. They are becoming rare.

The 1.9 diesel engine is a classic, returning about 45mpg around town and about 51mpg on a motorway cruise. Although I get about 45mpg doing a steady 85 - 90mph, which it has no trouble doing.

The seats are comfy, but lack a lumber support. Also the headrests don't come forward enough to prevent whiplash in my opinion.

The single wiper is rather funky, but works surprisingly well!

The rest of the car looks nice, and the boot is flat and large.

But above all it's the whole hydraulic trick that does it for me. The brakes work off the same system and my word I have never stopped so quickly! Disc brakes all round with none-fading hydraulic pressure behind them. Marvelous.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2004

18th Apr 2005, 12:32

Had my BX 19 TGD for 2 years now, last 2 previous motors were BX's.

All the things mentioned, are true. Suspension arm bearings were replaced last year (£150 fitted) Exceptional MPG and I think amazingly cheap and easy to repair, if I could be bothered to do it myself. Having 2 front-to-rear pipes fitted (just to be on the safe side) It pays to do this before they get too bad, as dealers don't stock them now, takes one week for most parts to be sourced, but as I've had 2 previous, I've got spares. considered replacing it last week with a Xantia... then just fixed a leak on the BX instead. No problems with the MOT last month, so its on the road for another year.

Common parts shared with the Pug 205.

Only gripe is... I wish my heater fan would work!

3rd Oct 2008, 18:02

Hey, I have just brought a 1.6 BX Meteor with 90k on the clock. I am new to this type of vehicle, even Citroens, this is my first Citroen. I purchased it today, but was wondering if anyone could tell me the novelty, or whether this is a good choice, considering what it has. I have no rust and no problems the car is immaculate.