1991 Citroen BX 16v 1.9 16v from UK and Ireland


A unique driving experience - Ideal for a poor racing driver to get from Silverstone to Oulton park!


Cambelt snapped after 40 miles - ended up rebuilding engine.

A few leaks and lots of service parts - expected on a 100,000 mile car.

General Comments:

The Citroen BX 16v is a very different creature from the standard Citroen BX range, even the 8 valve GTi. The main difference is that the comfort of the car is more compromised for better performance. The engine is harsher, louder, more powerful, etc... The ride is also stiffer and better damped. However, the car is still very comfortable and the performance gains more than justify the drop in comfort.

The 16v suspension spheres, which provide the damping and stiffness, are unique to this exact model. For myself, I feel the suspension setup is perfect for a fast road car with the ability to control oversteer with the throttle. Also the steering is free from the usual non-constant assistance to steering rate ratio that you get with most modern cars. This allows the driver to smoothly operate the steering.

The car provides a very unique driving experience which is very unlike anything else I have driven. For this reason I have grown very attached to this car and have never considered getting rid of it even when it has gone wrong or been inconvenient to keep.

The worst thing about this car is that it can very easily look scruffy it a few pieces of plastic trim are damaged.

Also the interior isn't brilliantly well made, but for what you get it is a very cheap car and this is the sacrifice you have to make.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2003

1991 Citroen BX 16v 1.9 injection from UK and Ireland


Power, comfort, style and lots of smiles!


Renewed rear arm bearings - not really a fault however, they always need replacing about once every 100,000 miles.

Various 'wear n tear' things like rusty bumper mounts, wobbly speedometer, sticky front suspension struts, etc.

Has a bad misfire at low revs - still investigating this one!!

General Comments:

I love this car - I couldn't imagine a faster, more comfortable and more practical machine. I will drive it until it conks out, then rebuild it from scratch.

It is so quick it's obscene! Even on 130,000 miles it screams past most other cars on the road, but you have to treat it mean to get the meanest out of it - i.e. keep it above 4,000 RPM and the smile won't leave your face! The handling is superb - even though the front struts are seizing, you can throw it into corners and just *know* it will do what you want it to.

It looks amazing too: some may read this and conjure up images of a 'normal' BX and think 'what? You mean that ugly thing?!', but the phase II 16v has an extremely sexy makeover that's now unfortunately rarer and rarer on our roads, as boy racers cannibalize them to steal the engines for their Peugeot 205s. I'm just glad I found one while they're still cheap.

In short, if you want a car that will reach 60 mph in under 8 seconds on the way to 140 mph; carry two PA speakers, a PA head, and 4 other band members in the utmost comfort; and cost £500, then look no further.

The best thing about it though is the look on Nova-driving boy-racers' faces as you steam past them.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2003

1991 Citroen BX 16 TZS 1.6 petrol from Slovenia


Comfort, comfort, comfort and a lot lot lot of equipment!!!!


New front spheres and one strut.

Rear arm bearings (it's normal at this point).

An oil drinker - but it can get solved for £50 - but no need yet...

The cooling system leaks slowly - not a big thing yet...

General Comments:

Fantastic car, very spacious and comfortable, with sharp excellent brakes and a very efficient aircon. No doubt the best mid range car of the 80's and early 90's. Still doesn't have a lot of competition... Still much more comfortable!!! It is quite reliable actually.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2000

18th Apr 2001, 13:23

Just one change of spheres and a strut? Someone has been very lucky indeed! My front suspension units had a lot of replacement work, and the rear units locked solid at one point (a costly job).

Anyone buying a second-hand BX should look closely at the whole hydraulics / suspension history of the car, and hope any replacements will last.