5th Jun 2008, 03:00

I started a new job last year, which means a 28 mile each way commute to work. Decided to "downsize" from a diesel estate, which got only 50 mpg. With the current rising price of diesel and petrol, I thought the way forward was a small city car.

So far I am glad I got a C1 Vibe. It is nippy, easy to drive and returns between 60-62 mpg after covering 5000 miles. The best economy I've had out of any car before.

Have minor niggle with glass window hinged boot, makes a slight rattle every now and again. Other minor annoyance is a noise from the brakes or suspension. Might be dirty rear drums or perhaps a suspension component needs lubed. Will ask my dealer to address these problems.

I don't see me changing the car, as I think petrol prices will be crippling over the coming years.

19th Jun 2008, 18:46

My brother has a red C1 Vibe 5 door which cost £5800 new, and I own a red 2008 Daihatsu Sirion 1.0 which cost £500 more. (This was a superb deal as the next cheapest Sirion deal was £6700).

They both use the same 1.0 3 cylinder VVTi engine (as do the Aygo, 107, Justy and Yaris) but for the extra money you get as standard:

5 years warranty, 5 years breakdown, air conditioning, remote central locking with a push button boot lock, four electric windows, split fold rear seats, excellent quality stereo (has the aux input for iPod like C1 but much better sound), much more space with 5 seats, belts and headrests, a proper bootlid and bigger boot, side airbags, glovebox etc etc etc.

I love the C1, and it is slightly more economical than the Sirion 1.0, with a new 2009 road tax bracket of £20 against the Sirion's £30 and insurance group 1 instead of 4, but the C1 is too compromised as a main car, whereas the Sirion is much more usable every day with better grip, handling, sound proofing, MUCH more interior and boot space and is comfortable on long journeys with better seats and more compliant ride quality.

Considering they are very similar in size and share many components, and come at a similar price, the difference is staggering.

The C1 Rhythm spec **plus ££ air-con option** is similar to base Sirion spec, but the Sirion is cheaper, bigger and is far better to drive, with the small sacrifice of a few mpg.

I do love the C1, but the Sirion is the better car. You can argue that the C1 is more chic and "urban" but it is comprehensively outclassed in every area except "cool" and a few mpg.

Small petrol cars are the future-not much is cheaper to run than either of these cars now. Both are great, but try the Sirion before committing to a C1-the five year warranty and breakdown is worth the difference in price alone-then consider the standard air-con, remote locking, electric windows, five seats, bigger boot, better roadholding, better suspension, side airbags and so on.

I am not criticising the C1-I think they are great, but why buy a car with the identical engine, less space, warranty and kit if there is a good alternative?

9th Jul 2008, 16:48

I am waiting for a Peugoet 107 due for delivery September 2008 - I note the comments on the Sirion (Daihatsu is now part-owned by Toyota) BUT for me the 107 comes with the Aisin automatized manual gearbox (2-tronic / Multimode).I prefer automatic boxes and was impressed by the smoothness of the auto box in an AYGO. Quite as good to drive as a conventional autobox. The Sirion does come as an automatic but only with the 1.3 litre engine which is a different case for insurance, VED and petrol consumption. With petrol now at the price it is and currently with a SEAT Leon 1.6 auto (8 years old - 32mpg) I am looking forward to the much cheaper motoring the 107 offers.

13th Jul 2008, 11:10

Fair comment-I think the 1.3SE auto Sirion is too expensive, too.

I do hope you enjoy your car. I tried the Aygo multimode but preferred the extra kit on the Sirion over having an auto box. I use my car mainly on fast A and B roads, not in the city, so manual makes more sense for me.

Out of interest-look at the price of 57 plate 1.6 auto Astras at the car supermarkets-running costs may be higher, but HOW cheap are they?!

5th Sep 2008, 17:47

I have had my Citroen C1 one since early 08, brand new. So far, that is until today, it has been a wonderful little car, though it tended to steam up a lot?(windows that is).

Today it rained heavily and on going to the car for an item I noticed a pond in the rear offside floor well( I had accessed the car via the passenger door), I then noticed water literally pouring through the offside door at sill level.

First thought was 'I've left the window/ door open', a check showed both tight shut. I opened and checked the door seals, all OK so re-shut the door, a pause while I watched the point where it had leaked... then gush, not a drip but a heavy trickle. I tried to re-close the door a number of times to see if I could effect a seal, no luck.

I took the car out and turned it around so that the nearside door now faced the driving rain and the leaking offside door was afforded some protection, all seemed well and then the nearside door started to leak just as badly into the front passenger well. The only remedy was to find an old blanket and tarpaulin and cover the car.

I will see what happens with the dealer when I see him. My concern now is, if this has happened after a few months, and even should the dealer rectify it, what will be the position in a year or two?

Sorry Citroen but my confidence in you're C1 has taken a bad knock, and I am seriously looking to get shot, whatever the dealer does (My Picasso was a dream by the way).

15th Sep 2008, 16:56

Well, the mileage in up to 13,800 now and it's more of the same. Fuel consumption has steadied at 65.5mpg long term average. Almost 70mpg on a 60mph run or 60mpg cruising at 75mph. The engine does sound very slightly rattly from a cold start, sounds like piston slap, not impressed, though no worse than when virtually new. Hmm.

With regards to the Sirion, horses for courses I guess. I don't need the room (just me commuting) and the 3 groups higher on the insurance would be costly. That said at over 25k miles per year the 5 year warranty is intriguing, must check that out!

The early C1s had problems with door seals so get them sorted pronto else the car gets mouldy/smelly very quickly and then is a major job to rectify.

Only alternative I see for cheapskates who do loads of miles in the Panda multijet at around £6500 discounted. At low 70s to the gallon fuel costs are similar, ditto group 1 insurance. The downers? A noticeably narrower cabin and a stupid gear lever placement that makes a narrow cabin feel even more cramped. The extra torque would be nice though.

But the Multijet engine in the C1 for £6500? Where do I sign?!