29th Oct 2012, 08:32

I've got a Peugeot 107, and recently had a problem with a plate in between the disc and wheel bearing rubbing on the discs, which causes a loud noise. A simple problem to fix with replacement parts for £11.00 - not sure if the C1 has same design, but it could be worth a try, as only you hear when you go along, as heat and vibration can cause movement, and they may need adjusting slightly further from the disc, or replacing if they have caught up and warped like mine.

23rd Feb 2013, 16:03

I have a C1, and it's epic; you feel the road well, and it's fast enough for UK roads.

I have had these problems:

A stiff clutch that comes and goes probably = new gearbox £400.

Engine noise squeal starting cold and and lower MPG = cooling pump £220.

Comedy door seals = wet boot.

But it's still a nice reliable little car at nearly 100k miles.

16th Feb 2014, 10:30

Hi, my Nan has a 58 plate C1 that she doesn't use an awful lot. However, since we've had this horrible weather, she has discovered a water leak. The whole carpet is pretty soaked in all 4 floor pans. I've had a look, but can't see any obvious point of entry for a leak. I've heard people say about the door seals, but which ones do you replace? Also, I've seen comments saying about adjusting the doors so they sit more flush. Has anyone got any further comments or advice on this? Much appreciated, thank you :)

23rd Feb 2014, 13:53

Water leak problem. Took all carpets out as soaked. Water was pouring in through the centre brake light in the roof. This is a remove and refit item for a new bulb when acquired, but the seal is very poor. I sealed it and it sorted the problem!!

5th Apr 2014, 07:39

C1s do leak, mine is a 59 plate. My windows were misting up and the car started to smell musty due to the boot liner dripping wet. I removed the rear stop light and light clusters, siliconed up where the cables go through and around the spongy seal. I now have a mist free dry C1. Cost me about £3.50 on cheap silicone from Screwfix and took about 3 minutes using two tools. Happy days.

1st Apr 2017, 20:15

100 cc? Maybe 1000 cc!